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3 Quick DIY Copier Fixes Without a Calling a Printer Repair Company

What many people don’t know is that there are common issues that affect modern copiers and a large portion of them can be repaired without calling in a technician from a printer repair business. You’ll face problems from time to time when your company uses a sophisticated, modern copy. Paper jams, poor copy quality and mysterious error codes all help to stop the flow of business and they could even affect the bottom line of your company if they are frequent enough.

The good news is that as a quality copier and printer repair company, they will get your service back up and running very quickly. The downside is that you have to pay for these calls, and even the quickest response times might not be adequate, depending on your situation, to save your company from taking a hit.

Here are 3 Copier Issues and DIY Fixes

  • Email and network scanning issues. It is critical that your office has a comprehensive network that supports remote printing with several employees that use the printer. This can be a big disturbance to the company’s flow if this network goes down. One of the most common examples of a network problem is the direct scan of a document to an email of a user. When this feature ceases to operate, a knee jumping reaction with a repair company is to hop on a phone to call a technician over. You can first call your IT individual or department, who is likely to handle it quickly. The repair can also be very straightforward.

    DIY FIX:Modification of the password. In the case of email scanning issues, the password for scanning features may have been modified by an IT administrator and not all users have shared the information.Files lost. An additional common problem with network issues is when a computer has been replaced with directories which are critical for network printing. The repair is so easy as to keep track of the folders and reinstall them on a new computer in many instances.

  • Paper Jams. Jams with printers and copiers are another common problem. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to print out a project and get the sickening sound from deep inside the printer. In general, beeping follows and a message of error, which the untrained eye does not understand much. Chronic jamming can cause many to pick up their telephones for a first response to calling their repair business, but you can do a few things first.

    DIY FIX:The cassettes that carry the paper in the system have guides on both sides and are highly sensitive. **Make sure you actually contact the paper on the guidebooks. **A paper jam will occur if they’re off by up to a half-inch. Make sure you use quality paper as well. Hammermill paper is recommended for experienced printer repair companies. Although many businesses use “greener” offices, the use of ultra-thin recycled paper is typically a very secure way to get jams from printers.

  • Poor Printing Quality. This is such a straightforward job to overcome. Nine out of ten times the issue on your scanner’s surface is as easy as dirty glass. It is also quick to diagnose: it is almost probably because of dirty glass scanners that you see a problem in printing only when copying.

    DIY FIX:The fix is straightforward. Clean your scanner’s glass back. But look out! Do not use a hard glass cleaner or you’re going to be in a worse situation when you began. Never use an ammonia-containing or abrasive cleaner. Care should be taken when using white-out to copy pages corrected. It can leave a mess that needs to be cleaned with some accuracy. And here’s a helpful tip: stop copying pages with Post-it notes. They leave a sticky residue on the glass, and collect stain and dirt particles which look like the cratered surface of a distant planet in future.

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