About the City of Pittsburg, California

Did you know that Pittsburg, California is one of the most diverse cities in the entire United States? With more than 115 different cultures represented in its population, it’s a true melting pot of people and ideas. From its vibrant downtown district to its lovely waterfront park, there’s something for everyone in Pittsburg. 

Pittsburg is located at the convergence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers. The city, which is located in Contra Costa County, is served by California State Highway 4 and is conveniently accessible to State Highway 242 and Interstate I-680. Pittsburg is located 40 miles northeast of San Francisco and 75 miles southwest of Sacramento, the state capital of California.

Pittsburg was known by several names in the early nineteenth century. Following the discovery of coal in the region in 1903, the town was nicknamed Black Diamond. Originally known as New York of the Pacific, the location quickly became known as New York Landing and was renamed, Black Diamond. The entrance of Columbia Geneva Steel in 1906 spurred the ultimate name change to Pittsburg, in homage to the steel industry’s eastern home.

Pittsburg, California is a great place to live if you’re looking for a small town feel with big city amenities. There’s plenty to do in this close-knit community, and the residents are friendly and welcoming. Whether you’re looking for a new place to call home or just want to learn more about Pittsburg, read on and see what Pittsburg has to offer!

Things to Do in Pittsburg

Pittsburg, California is a great place to visit if you’re looking for things to do. There’s plenty of activities and attractions to keep you busy during your stay. From exploring the local history and culture, to enjoying the great outdoors, there’s something for everyone in Pittsburg. So whether you’re a longtime resident or just visiting for a while, be sure to check out some of these great spots!

1. Delta Kayak Adventures | 5 Marina Plaza, Antioch, California 94509, United States

If you are looking for a fun and adventurous way to spend your day, kayaking in Pittsburg is the perfect option! This city located on the banks of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta offers plenty of opportunity for kayakers of all skill levels. 

It is a popular pastime in the city of Pittsburg, and Delta Kayak Adventures in adjacent Antioch is where you can rent the equipment you need or go with a competent guide. So grab your friends and get ready for some outdoor excitement!

If you opt to do it alone, the organization will provide you with all of the necessary equipment. Delta Kayak Adventures will help you get there, whether you’re looking for a new favorite fishing site or simply want to appreciate the peace and quiet that comes with kayaking.

2. Dow Wetlands Wildlife Habitat Preserve | 1200 W 4th Street, Antioch, California 94509, United States

The Corteva Wetlands Preserve has 471 acres of undeveloped terrain, including a 172-acre freshwater and brackish tidal marsh, a 30-acre beaver pond, freshwater ponds, open water, mudflats, riparian zones, uplands, and grasslands. Beavers, river otters, minks, and a variety of aquatic birds live in the 30-acre beaver pond. 

Beavers and otters have formed streams across the marshlands, allowing them to transfer food and construction materials more efficiently. The Wetlands also support endangered animal and plant species, including the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse. Suisun Marsh Aster, a perennial herb unique to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, and Lilaeopsis Masonii, a tiny perennial blooming herb and part of the carrot family.

In addition, approximately 130 bird species have been spotted inside the Wetland Preserve. The Wetlands are home to two vulnerable bird species: Black Shouldered Kites and Northern Harriers.

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3. Pixieland | 2740 E Olivera Road, Concord, California 94519, United States

When parents and children visit Pixieland for the first time, they are both astounded. It’s exciting to find a unique kids amusement park within the gorgeous 40-acre Willow Pass Park. With bright and entertaining rides like Red Baron Airplanes, Dragon Roller Coaster, Frog Hopper, and more, Pixieland offers all the sparkle and enchantment that kids have come to expect. 

The Pixieland Express, which runs all across Willow Pass Park, is a must-ride for both adults and children. Take advantage of one of Pixieland’s various party packages, or simply picnic at Willow Pass Park.

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4. Galindo House and Gardens | 1721 Amador Avenue, Concord, California 94520, United States

The Don Francisco Galindo House, also known as the Galindo House and Gardens, is a 19th-century house in Concord, California built in 1856 by Francisco Galindo and his wife, Maria Dolores Manuela (Pacheco) Galindo, who was the grantee of Rancho Monte del Diablo. It is one of the few remaining Victorian ranch houses in Contra Costa County. It was significantly remodeled in 1875, resulting in an expanded basement, first floor, and second story.

Following a series of public workshops and hearings, the City of Concord adopted a Master Plan for the Galindo House in October 2001. In September 2010, the City of Concord ceded ownership of the Galindo Home and land to the Concord Historical Society, which spent the following two years repairing the house before opening it to the public in 2012.

The Society relocated the city’s Masonic Temple from 1765 Galindo St. to the Galindo House site, facing Clayton Road, in May 2013, to form part of the Society’s historical resource center and meeting space.

5. El Campanil Theater | 602 W 2nd Street, Antioch, California 94509, United States

Since 1928, the iconic El Campanil Theatre has adorned the shoreline in Antioch’s downtown district. This renowned theatre is said to have hosted a number of well-known celebrities. Their autographs etched on the dressing room walls are the sole indication of their presence.

Currently, the theatre hosts a range of live activities throughout the year, including concerts, ballet, comedy shows, and dramatic productions. Past performances have included the Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra and Motown with Top Shelf Classics. International films are also screened throughout the year.

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Living in the City of Pittsburg

Proudly perched on the east shore of the San Francisco Bay, Pittsburg is a growing city with a rich history and a bright future. From its earliest days as a coal-mining town to its current role as an industrial and commercial center, Pittsburg has always been a vibrant community that welcomes newcomers and celebrates diversity. With its friendly people, beautiful scenery, and endless opportunities, Pittsburg is an excellent place to call home. There are also several churches in the city to nurture one’s spiritual life:

1. Light the Bay Church | 1210 Stoneman Avenue, Pittsburg, California 94565, United States

Pastors Jason and Peggy Younger have served Light The Bay Church with vision and innovation since 2008. They have been married for 34 years and have four grown children.

As a first-time visitor to Light The Bay, you’ll observe what others have found. Their Sunday morning service is lively, dynamic, and transformative. They enjoy worship at Light The Bay. Their Sunday morning worship session begins at 10:00 a.m., during which they sing for approximately fifteen minutes, collect God’s tithe and offerings, and then sing for another song or two. 

Looking around, you may notice people raising their hands, clapping, laughing, and having a good time in God’s presence. Weekly event announcements are displayed on the overhead screen soon before and after service. They are confident that you will feel right at home from your first visit.

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2. Mt. Zion Church | 312 E 8th Street, Pittsburg, California 94565, United States

Mt. Zion Church is a beacon of faith in Pittsburg, California, serving as a place of prayer, peace, and joy for all. Their community is immensely diversified, with individuals of all ages and backgrounds gathering to worship and serve God alone. They embrace anyone who wants God’s love, and their doors are open to any soul that wishes to receive Jesus into their hearts. Make contact with them right away.

Mt. Zion Church has a long and proud history of serving the Pittsburg community. They are devoted to the teachings of Jesus Christ and are here to preach His message thanks to the devotion of their leadership, pastors, and volunteers. They welcome worshippers of all ages and backgrounds and try to bring everyone who joins them in worship to a greater love for God.

3. Pittsburg United Methodist Church | 153 W Leland Road, Pittsburg, California 94565, United States

They believe that God has a plan and a purpose for every life. Their mission is to shower affection on every visitor and member. Their mission is to train moral, imaginative, and successful leaders who will assist United Methodists in growing in faith and sharing God’s love with others. The church is primarily concerned with inviting and preparing people to become clergy and lead the church in world-changing ministry.

Laity who led small groups, taught Bible study, and offered outreach ministry helped to grow the early Methodist movement. Developing strong lay leaders is another critical component of establishing a church committed to discipleship.

4. St. Mark Baptist Church | 908 Carpino Avenue, Pittsburg, California 94565, United States

On March 19, 1944, a small congregation led by Reverend W.S. Woods began worshiping at Saint Mark Missionary Baptist Church. As the congregation increased through GOD’s grace, the church was privileged to build a new sanctuary at its current location. 

On February 21, 1960, the church congregation marched from the Columbia Park church facility to the new church location. From that humble beginning, St. Mark has preached effectively throughout the Civil Rights Movement and well into the twenty-first century, functioning as one of Pittsburg’s “Mother Churches.”

Over the course of St. Mark’s 77-year history, God touched the hearts of men who answered the call to the ministry to serve as Pastor. Reverend A. Williams, Sr. was a gift from God. They are now planning to celebrate its 78th anniversary in the summer of 2022.

They are a multi-generational church where newborns to seniors worship, with some young-at-heart, energetic 90+-year-old seniors at the helm. They have singles, couples, both married and unmarried, families with children, “empty-nesters,” retirees, and the elderly, with new individuals joining them all the time.

5. Walnut Creek Heavenly Church | 1210 Stoneman Avenue, Pittsburg, California 94565, United States

The Walnut Creek Heavenly Church, PCA was founded in 2011. The Presbyterian Church in America is a reformed denomination, which means that we believe in the biblical truths that were declared during the Protestant Reformation. The sole guidance for the Church is the Word of God, not tradition. God alone rescues via his infinite kindness and in accordance with his sovereign purpose. 

The Sunday Worship Service is the most significant ministry at WCHC. On Sundays at 8:30 a.m., they worship the Triune God in truth and Spirit, seeking His presence and the substantial and explicit directives of His leadership.

In other words, they are all experiencing the Grace of Revival via worship, which God completely oversees and pours forth His presence with His splendor from beginning to end.

They are sincerely hoping that they will be the church that, in the end, commits itself as warriors for the Army of Christ, becoming a kindling stick to ignite the flame of Revival via the Gospel of the Cross to the entire globe by living their lives in union with their Lord, Jesus Christ.

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in the City of Pittsburg

If you’re new to Pittsburg, California, you may not know about all of the interesting places there are to visit. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the city’s parks, schools, and other points of interest. We’ll also provide information on how to get to these places. So if you’re looking for something fun to do in Pittsburg, be sure to check them all out!

1. Ellis Lake Park | 1736 Clayton Road, Concord, California 94520, United States

A park is the finest place to enjoy the outdoors. Ellis Lake Park offers a variety of activities, such as jogging around the track or going on a bike trip. There are lots of benches if you want to sit in one spot and just people watch. With so many alternatives available, it’s simple to choose your favorite tree or seat. 

Look no further if you want to spend time with your family. Ellis Lake Park offers several activities for both children and adults. There’s something for everyone in one of their numerous ponds or lakes. To make your stay even more delightful, stop by the historic Keller House before embarking on a journey through this tiny slice of paradise.

It offers a lot of enjoyable activities surrounding its two lakes. The park also has a beautiful playground and fishing, which are popular with people seeking for something more peaceful, such as picnics or taking in nature without having to drive far. Ellis Lake is a fantastic place to explore no matter what you’re searching for during your stay thanks to the several hiking paths in the region. It’s also an excellent area to take your dog for a stroll.

2. Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve | Somersville Road, Antioch, California 94509, United States

In the early 1970s, the East Bay Regional Park District began collecting land for the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. The majority of the mining sector is now contained within the Preserve’s almost 8,533 acres. Hiking, picnics, and nature studies are all popular activities in the region. Naturalists present a range of presentations about the Preserve’s natural and historical treasures.

The pathways in the Preserve cover grassland, foothill woods, mixed evergreen forest, chaparral, stream vegetation, and exotic plants. Several tree species introduced by coal miners stand out among the latter. The black locust, pepper tree, almond, eucalyptus, and tree of paradise are among them.

Coulter pine, black sage, desert olive, and dudleya may all be found in Black Diamond. In addition, numerous species that are limited to Mt. Diablo regions exist here, including the Mt. Diablo globe lily, Mt. Diablo Helianthella and Mt. Diablo manzanita. The hills are covered in some of the most spectacular wildflower displays in the Bay Area in the spring.

Black Diamond is home to a thriving animal population. Coyotes and snakes are regular sightings. Mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, and deer have been sighted on occasion, while birds of prey swoop overhead. Over 100 bird species have been spotted, ranging from the uncommon golden eagle to the ever-present meadowlark.

3. Martin Luther King, Jr. Junior High School | 2012 Carion Court, Pittsburg, California 94565, United States

The school envisions a scholar-centered atmosphere that is courteous and trustworthy, with strong community-school linkages and shared decision-making among administration, staff, parents, and the community. With a creative, cooperative, and safe learning/work atmosphere, the school also encourages clear and high academic standards. Respect for cultural and ethnic diversity is ingrained in their educational community.

They value individual diversity and engage in continuous reflection, assessment, and evaluation of all aspects of the learning community. All of their scholars have access to an integrated, multidisciplinary, meaning-centered curriculum.

As they connect business, community, and parents, they hope to create meaningful, demanding employment for all scholars. Parents are viewed as collaborators in creating experiences that serve as the basis and support for learning. Their mission is to provide their varied student population with the knowledge and skills necessary to confront the challenges of living and working in the modern, information-based world of the twenty-first century.

4. Los Medanos Elementary School | 610 Crowley Avenue, Pittsburg, California 94565, United States

All scholars at Los Medanos Elementary School are taught grade level Common Core State Standards such as ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Music. This enables all scholars to be college or job ready by developing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Academic performance of scholars will be assessed using state, district, and site-specific exams. They provide continuing interventions before, during, and after school hours to suit the requirements of their students.

All staff will work together to provide a safe, supportive, and courteous atmosphere that promotes student responsibility. As a result, they will be able to become helpful and intelligent members of society. They do so through establishing high standards for classroom and school regulations and procedures, as well as connecting with parents, social emotional programs, and the surrounding community.

5. Pittsburg Historical Museum | 515 Railroad Avenue, Pittsburg, California 94565, United States

The Pittsburg Historical Museum is located in “Old Town Pittsburg,” the core of the renovated downtown, in the former Pittsburg Post Dispatch building. The museum has an artifact collection, historical images, and a well-organized library of documents, maps, and reference books. The Sports Hall of Fame Room, Family Room, Military Room, Bridal Room, and Theater Room are all popular with guests.

There are several reasons to visit the museum like learning about Pittsburg’s history and culture. Exploring their extensive collection of antiques, images, clothing, movies, papers, and other items.

On October 18, 1961, the Pittsburg Historical Society was formally registered as an entity. Members of Pittsburg’s early pioneer families founded it. They were anxious that if memorabilia was not preserved, the history of this place would fade and be lost.

The first public exhibition was a series of images displayed in Klein’s department store on 5th and Railroad. It was a two-day event that prompted others to contribute images and artifacts. The club flourished and quickly sought a permanent place to house the historical items they had amassed.

The museum’s initial location was in what was previously a clubhouse at the Standard Oil station on Loveridge, along old Highway 4. The structure was relocated to Civic Avenue and remained there for 40 years. The museum gradually outgrown the premises and began seeking for a larger home, which was located at 515 Railroad Avenue under longstanding President and Curator Jack Aiello.

Map From the City of Pittsburg to Our Location

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