5 Myths About Color Copiers You Probably Still Believe

There are a lot of myths about color copiers that have been passed around for years. Some people believe that all color copiers are expensive, or that they produce inferior quality work. The truth is, not all companies make the same type of machine and there are many different options to choose from when looking at a new purchase. This article will discuss five common beliefs about color copiers and why they should be disregarded as untrue.

Why Is It Important To Understand Color Copiers?

There are several reasons why it is important to understand color copiers. If you work in an office, chances are likely that your printer or photocopier will be used quite frequently throughout the day for documents such as resumes, memorandums, and presentations. Color copies can also come in very handy when marketing or advertising a product or service with flyers and brochures designed using specialized programs. The more people who know what they’re talking about regarding color copiers the better. However, there remain many myths surrounding this popular form of copying technology which today we’ll discuss five of them:

Myth #1: All Color Copiers Are Very Expensive

This may have been true ten years ago, but today there are several affordable copiers to choose from. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a machine that will only be used for occasional purposes. If you do not need color copies very often it would be wise to opt for an inexpensive black and white or monochrome model which can still produce good quality prints at a much cheaper price point than the average color copier.

Myth #2: Color Copiers Are The Same

With so many options available on today’s market, there is no way that all color copiers can be the same. Some models have features that make them better suited for small offices while some may be more attractive to larger corporations who need a high volume of copies to justify their investment. If you work at home or run a very small business, it might not make sense to invest several thousands of dollars on an expensive machine but if your company has multiple locations and needs something with more power under the hood, perhaps opting for an enterprise model would be best.

Myth #3: Color Copies Are Slow And Take A Long Time To Make

This is one of the most common myths about color copiers. In reality, modern color copiers are incredibly fast and can produce a copy in just a few seconds. This myth probably dates back to the days of older color copiers that were slower and took longer to make copies. But today’s technology has made color copying much faster and more efficient. So don’t believe the myth, color copies can be made very quickly.

Myth #4: All Color Copiers Require Special Training

If you thought that to use a color copier, you need special training or certification then, it’s wrong. The truth is everything about using and managing your color copy machines is extremely easy and intuitive. It doesn’t matter if it has been installed for several months or even years, the manuals are detailed enough so anyone can learn how to operate them successfully with minimal effort required. And please don’t be afraid of any high-tech features such as sending faxes directly from the device itself, they work great. More than anything else though, what sets these devices apart is their ability for multi-functions copying, printing, and scanning which results in less equipment needed on-site compared to traditional photocopiers.

Sharp FO-IS125N Fax

Myth #5: Color Copiers Use Up A Lot Of Ink

Color copiers use a lot of ink. While this is true, it isn’t as much as you may think. In some cases, color copies can be more cost-efficient than black and white copies because the amount of toner used on each page is lower with color copying. This means that even though your machine might run out of one particular type or brand of the cartridge before another has been fully depleted, there are ways to make sure you get the most from each drop. If possible, always refill your cartridges when they’re about half-empty instead of waiting until they’ve both completely dried up. Make sure to install an air filter in the office space where the machines will be located so that dust doesn’t build up inside them and decrease the amount of ink they’re able to use before having to be replaced.

It’s important to understand color copiers because they are an integral part of the printing and marketing process. Here we dispel 5 myths about color copiers that may be preventing you from taking advantage of this amazing technology in your business or personal life. If you want help getting started, give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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