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Facilities: Restrooms, BBQ Grills, Picnic Tables, Play Equipment/Tot Lot, Baseball Softball Fields, Soccer Fields, Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, Volleyball Cts

Reservations: Yes, you may reserve this park or picnic area. 

 This 10-acre community park is in the subdivision of the Highlands Ranch and can be seen from Buchanan Road. Highlands Ranch Park is a multifunctional recreation facility that provides many facilities and offers something for all. The park was finished in Fall of 2006. A fenced play area in tot lot (age 2-5) has several different features including a playground, bouncers, climbers, and two baby swings. A separate, larger playground is also available for ages 5-12. This park has a multi-purpose baseball/softball field, and at the bottom of the basin is a one-acre open turf area that many thinks fits well for soccer games or football.

Other sports activities offered include a sand beach volleyball court, basketball court with full-size asphalt, and tennis court. Highlands Ranch has a large picnic site enclosed by a gazebo, with 6 picnic tables and two big BBQ pits. This area can be rented in. There are 4 additional picnic tables in between the tennis court and the beach volleyball court. This park has a lighted cement walking trail that follows the park’s perimeter and a distance sign marking the.35 mile walk. Certain facilities include all-room toilets, drinking fountains, parking lot, and benches.

A large,  clean dog park conveniently close to home!? You will surely love Highland Ranch Park!

There’s a separate area for large and small dogs, buckets with water inside, and a sort-of working fountain in front. The grass is lush and well kept, and there are even trees being planted for future shade!

You will definitely love how HUGE space is for the big dogs. Just make sure to pick out a poopy bag from the front of the gate before you get in because the one inside is pretty far off.

This is a newer park in Pittsburg. The facilities are really nice and well maintained. As compared to other parks, there are no hobos here. This is located in a newer developed neighborhood called (you guessed it) Highlands Ranch.

By Geraoma - Own work, Public Domain,
By Geraoma – Own work, Public Domain,

This amazing landmark in Pittsburg, California is located near some other must-see places of interest:

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All of these wonderful landmarks are located just a short distance from our location at 1091 Shary Circle in Concord, California! Stop by for a visit anytime!