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How Do You Get Rid Of Lines On A Copy Machine?

Although printers and all-in-one devices are common in offices and other business locations, copying is still widely used as an efficient way to make multiple copies of documents. However, with long-term use, copiers often begin to leave dark stripes on copies that are made. There are several potential causes for these streaks, including built-in toner deposits inside the copier and scratches on the copying drum. However, regular maintenance of the copier will remove these streaks and prevent damage to the copier.

What causes black lines or smudges on the printer page?

So, there are a number of possible reasons that your printer might cause black lines or smudges down the page when you print your important document and we’re going to address each other in turn in the elimination process to help you fix your problem.

Inside the printer, the paper is moved along rollers and often a piece of film like a conveyor belt (called a conveyor belt). This happens when the rollers or the transfer belt inside the printer are dirty or covered with excess toner powder, and when the paper is moved through the printer, the ‘tracks’ are left on the page.

This is usually the case when the tracks on the page are located at either end of the page. If the tracks are located all over the page or even in the middle of the page, they could be due to marks or damage to the conveyor belt.

Also, if a blob of dirt or an old toner is stuck on a roller or a conveyor belt, it smudges the line down the paper as it passes.

What To Do?

Step One

Inspect the glass on the copier for cracks or other damage that may be causing the streaks. If cracks are present you will need to have the glass professionally replaced.

Step Two

Clean the glass on the copier to remove any spots or deposited materials such as correction fluid that may have stuck to the glass when making copies. Use glass cleaner and a dry rag. Make a single blank copy to determine whether this corrects the problem.

Step Three

Open the front panel of the copier and remove the toner cartridge. Wipe the cartridge clean with a dry cloth and use a vacuum to remove any loose toner from the area where the cartridge is installed.

Step Four

Blow loose toner and other debris free from the inside of the copier using a can of compressed air. Use the air to clean portions of the copier that you cannot easily reach, such as the paper feed.

Step Five

Replace the toner cartridge and make another blank copy. If the streaks remain, they are likely the result of toner, debris or scratches on the copier drum.

Step Six

Turn off any bright lights in the copier room to avoid damaging the copier drum. Remove the toner cartridge again so that you can access the drum. Lift the drum carefully out of the copier using a microfiber cloth instead of your bare hands.

Step Seven 

Examine the drum for cracks or scratches; if any are present you will need to replace the drum. Remove any toner or other debris from the drum by spraying it with compressed air.

Step Eight

Place the drum back in the copier carefully, and replace the toner cartridge. With the glass cleaned, loose toner removed and the drum cleaned, the streaks should be gone.

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