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Small World Park in Pittsburg is like a mini twist on the Children’s Fairyland in Oakland. Not as good but certainly cheaper and less crowded. Small carnival attractions – a spinning whale, a carousel, a train that travels through the park, a zip line, and a Ferris wheel – are available for one admission fee. Plus find various playground structures, plenty of green picnic grass, and a pond where you can fish for crawdads – bring your own hot dogs and polls if you’re serious about fishing!

Small World Park is perfect for crowds under 8. For example, there are a few height restrictions, you can’t ride Humphrey the Whale taller than 38 inches. Parents are allowed on the carousel, Ferris wheel and train. 

Picnic Areas

All the picnic areas come with barbecue grills. There are eight small family units (capacity 6-8) available for those who visit the park on the spur of the moment, strictly on a first come first serve basis. There are also 6 large picnic sites open unless reserved.

Pull Carts
Pull carts are available at the ticket booth on a first-come, first-serve basis. After the things are removed, please return the cart to Gate 1 for use by other park patrons. Gate 1 opens at 11:00 am-there are no exceptions.


Crawdad fishing (catch and release) IS ONLY PERMITTED AT THE LAGOON, LOCATED NEAR THE ENTRANCE OF THE PARK. Bring your own stick and bait (raw hot dog or bacon.) Please stay off the rocks and out of the waterways for your safety. Note: Do not insert the crawdads near the carousel in the streams. NO HOOKS.


The train and carousel rides are available for use by both adults and children. The ride to the Whale is 38 inches (3 ft and 2 in) and shorter for children. All rides will stop at 12:30p.m. Until 1:00pm. & 2:45 Uhr Around 3 p.m. STOP RIDES TO 4:30 p.m.

Reservation Guidelines:

  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Reservations are made no more than six months prior to and no later than three weeks prior to the event.
  • No bookings over the phone. Reservations at the park have to be made in person. Fees are due and payable at the time the booking is made.
  • Cash and Checks ONLY
  • Reservations are non-refundable and do not cover park entrance fees or wristbands needed to ride the rides in the park. All who enter the park must have a ticket.
  • No “Holds” or tentative reservations will not be taken
  • Reservations will not be verified until workers sign the email, signed in, and given to the applicant. Discount Tickets are only available for purchase by reservation holders of the picnic site or group castle venue. Discount tickets must be purchased within the time limit specified in the contract, are non-refundable and are only good for the event day. There will be no guest lists, tickets, or deposits at the ticket booth. 
By Geraoma - Own work, Public Domain,
By Geraoma – Own work, Public Domain,

This amazing landmark in Pittsburg, California is located near some other must-see places of interest:

  • Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve
  • Buchanan Park 
  • Pittsburg Historical Society
  • Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial
  • Dow Wetlands Preserve
  • Highlands Ranch Park
  • Central Park
  • Stoneman Trailhead

All of these wonderful landmarks are located just a short distance from our location at 1091 Shary Circle in Concord, California! Stop by for a visit anytime!