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Walnut Creek City Government

City Council

There are five Council members in the City of Walnut Creek. They are elected for 4-year, staggered terms at large; elections are held in November for any year that is even-numbered. Loella Haskew is the Mayor, who was chosen on December 3 , 2019; she will serve as Mayor until December 2020. As Mayor Pro Tem, Kevin Wilk serves.

City Council Handbook

The City Council Handbook is intended to assist members of the Council in fulfilling their duties and to provide valuable information to potential members of the Council and other interested citizens. The successful management of City Council affairs is greatly improved by the commitment of the City Council and staff to adhere to those procedures. Although trying not to be too restrictive, protocols are being developed so that standards and policies can be clearly expressed to guide members of the Council in their acts.

City Council Priorities 

In the coming years the City Council will focus on four main topics.

Legislative Platform 

Every year the City Council adopts a legislative forum to act as a structure for attempts to campaign for the Community. The City hires a lobbyist, Townsend Public Relations (TPA), to serve as the voice on all state legislation for the City of Walnut Creek. TPA uses the Legislative forum as its lobbying guide.

Council Meetings

The Council meetings are held at 6 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. In City Hall, Council Chamber, 1666 North Main Street. 

All Council meetings are broadcast live through Comcast Channels 28 and Channel 26 (Rossmoor), Astound Channel 29, and AT&T U-Verse Channel 99, respectively. The transmission of the meeting is repeated in full the next Saturday at 1 p.m. And by 6 p.m. Sunday On Comcast Channels 28 and 26 and Channel Astound 29.

In addition, meetings are streamed live and archived on our Public Meetings page.

How to meet with the Mayor

Call the City Manager’s Office on (925) 256-3504 to speak with the Mayor. Additionally, Council members can be contacted by calling the office of the City Manager. You can submit feedback by email to the Mayor at

By Geraoma - Own work, Public Domain,
By Geraoma – Own work, Public Domain,

Walnut Creek, California serves its citizens in various capacities for a number of services.  Here’s a great list of local government offices: 

  • Walnut Creek City Council
  • Walnut Creek Streets-Building
  • Walnut Creek Traffic Operation
  • Walnut Creek Public Services Department
  • Walnut Creek Cultural Services Department 
  • CalPERS Walnut Creek Regional Office 
  • Walnut Creek Planning & Zoning
  • Walnut Creek Superior Court
  • Walnut Creek Police Department

All of these wonderful city government offices are located just a short distance from our location at 1091 Shary Circle in Concord, California! Stop by for a visit anytime!