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What Are Some Common Problems With A Photocopier And How To Fix Them?

When every system is going, modern technology can be a thing of beauty. However, delays are frustrating and costly when software or hardware fail to perform. Copying machines have problems such as paper problems, ink and paper jam and service breakdowns sometimes indicated by odd lines of code. Despite having been built to copy pictures and words from one page to the next, the copier can cause disappointments to office workers worldwide. The top six copier snags and a few quick remedies are listed below:

  • Paper Jams

Jams are among the most frequently encountered copier errors. The causes are improper loading of paper or incorrect size of paper. These problems lead the photocopier to wrongly pull the paper, causing the jam to delay printing or copying.Solving such problems forces you to manually remove the jammed paper and to correct alignment of the paper or to reload the correct paper size.

There is a sufficient amount of interesting paper dust and the paper machine tends to shock and to cause jams. The best solution to the problem is to regularly and occasionally clean the feed tires, removing vacuum from the photocopier. Dust and waste.In general, your copying machine should always support the paper type. And remember to keep your paper dry to avoid moisture which can make it difficult to print.

  • Lines on Paper

You get frustrated when you duplicate a piece of paper with simple pictures and texts, while your completed copy has lines, stripes or other errors.There are many reasons for this problem, so a photocopier troubleshooting may be required in order to find a solution.For this copy machine problem, potential sources include:

  • Problem with fusers
  • Developer unit or drum malfunction (only applies to multi-component photocopier systems)
  • Foreign substances on the scanner mirrors, or glass
  • Drum blades break down causing large lines vertically down the page.

  • Overheating

Your copier may be in the most heated room, but it does not take much to override it, irrespective of the climate, season and room temperature.The ampoules in the photocopier can quickly overheat, and cause potential damage together with fans, drawers, gear and other devices. Take a look at the LED panel of the copier for warning messages concerning overheating and advise users to stop the copier continually without any interruption.

  • Toner or Cartridge Problem

Malfunctioning, empty or low toner problems can come about within your copier. If they’re empty or low, a simple replacement should fix the problem. If it’s faulty, there could be one of two things happening:

  • Manufacturer Defect – Take a copy of the poor quality copies and the cartridge to the place of acquisition and ask for a replacement.
  • Incompatibility Problems – most photocopiers need a specific toner; if you try and use an incompatible cartridge, you won’t like the print quality.

  • Wrinkled Pages

Copies from the copier hollowed down there’s nothing professional there. Instead of looking like a professional businessman, your employees will attend business meetings or tenders for reports that sound like they’ve been taken from a student’s jacket. Crinkled pages are always caused by used exit rollers and by jamming or adhesive feeding. Again, fuser moisture, and humidity can also be responsible for crinkled pages by beating up paper trays.

  • Copies are too dark or too light

Copy pages are almost always facing dark and light issues due to imbalances in the photocopy density controls. Somebody may have changed the settings unintentionally, making copies too dark or too light. In this case , the best solution is to reset the density levels. It may also have been possible that the toner on the copying machine is not good at the end of its useful life. Some toners do not have fabricator codes and may cause problems with light density. Substitutes should be purchased and equipped.

  • Spots on the Page

This photocopy problem includes random arrays of points that ruin another perfect copy. You may have a problem of debris or sweatshirts on copy glass or mirror if you see the points consistently in the same place. Again, the mirrors and glass can be cleaned.A random range of spots throughout the document could be a drum flaw. The problem should be remedied by replacing drums.

By Geraoma - Own work, Public Domain,
By Geraoma – Own work, Public Domain,

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