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What Are The Differences Between A Multifunction And 

An All-in-one Printer?

When we refer to both of our copiers as MFPs and vice versa, it can be misleading. The thing is, these two products co-evolved and merged their technology to produce the office appliances we have today. 

The MFP is basically a cross between a simple copier and a standard home printer. The AiO or All-in-one Printer is a twice-removed distant relative.

The first copier, which used light-sensitive drums and electrical charges, was introduced in the 1970s. 

All-in-one corresponds to a smaller model for customers or home offices, while a multifunction printer, is a larger model with the kind of copying, scanning, and quicker printing that a workgroup or busier corporate department would need. 

Dell, for example, refers to all-in-one printers built on inkjet printers as all-in-ones, while multifunction refers to a laser printer with copying and scanning capabilities.

With HP, “all-in-one” refers to laser and inkjet printers that are small enough to fit on a desk or counter top and are designed for personal and home office use. MFPs, on the other hand, are goods aimed at small and medium companies as well as large corporations.

The demands of the industrial workplace forced copiers to incorporate new and improved features over time. Bells and whistles like network writing, faxing, and scanning quickly became indispensable.

Multifunction Printer

  • A multi-function printer (MFP) combines many features into a single unit. Your MFP will copy, scan, print, fax, and email documents, making it ideal for multitasking. 
  • Additional add-on tools that we offer can help a company improve productivity, monitor access, or follow market regulatory requirements by allowing complete document process management and protection. 
  • An MFP is a multifunction printer that connects to the network rather than a host PC and is intended to allow many users to access all of its features. It does not, however, need the power of a host PC and is much more efficient in terms of printing.
  • Remote users can use the MFP’s scanning and PC fax features, as well as any card readers that might be installed into the unit, unlike with AiOs.

All-in-One Printer

  • In general, an AiO is a stand-alone computer that can print, copy, scan, and sometimes fax. 
  • This setup is ideal for almost any home or small office because it is less expensive, has a smaller footprint, and uses less energy than commercial-grade products. 
  • AiOs link to a host computer’s USB port directly. That means the host PC must be turned on and operating properly in order for anyone to share the printing function–a huge inconvenience, particularly given the fact that PCs are known to misbehave if left on for more than a few days.

Multifunction printers and all-in-ones are ideal for the home office as well as any company with a limited amount of room. Multifunction printers and all-in-ones also provide the opportunity to save money as well as energy. You will get three or four different units for a fraction of the price with the lower-end all-in-ones.

For under $100, you can get an AIO, which is basically a built-in fax machine, which can be a great workaround for a limited office room with a tight budget. You’ll easily exhaust its printing power if you start printing on a daily basis, and ink costs may rise as the print output rises, so it’s one way to quickly set up the essential functions of an office.

For less than $300, you can get a workgroup MFP with the room- and cost-saving benefits that are ideal for startups. If you just fax and scan on occasion, your simple inkjet or laser MFP saves you money by not requiring you to buy separate machines for these purposes. As long as you select a printer that meets your print volume and color requirements, you’ll be fine.

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