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What Can Go Wrong With Photocopiers?

Photocopiers are a regular at the office. If you rely on a single or multi-function machine, like the workers themselves, there’s no denying that an office photocopier can be busy.

The demand can lead to copy problems without regular service, such as paper jams, cartridge and toner problems, streaks or lines on paper, wrinkled pages, discolored printing, and random spots around your prints.

Fortunately, the most common photocopier issues will usually be resolved in minutes. With proper maintenance, others can even be stopped entirely. Servicing not only lengthens the life of your copier, it also means that you don’t have to handle issues at all.

Paper jams

As it causes both a standstill and a backlog, a run-of-the-mill paper jam can cause a surprising amount of office disruption. Paper jams appear to occur at the worst times possible and are typically the product of a system that is improperly set up. The explanations for paper jams include using the wrong paper form or thickness, wrongly loading the paper or causing the interior of the copier to build up dust. If too many pages are stacked in the supply reservoir by a consumer, it is almost inevitable that a jam will occur.

You may need to manually remove the jammed paper and load the correct paper size or correct the paper alignment to return your office copier to regular. Be very careful not to remove the jammed paper too quickly, or you can leave in your photocopier small, ripped pieces of paper stuck. Call a local copier specialist for repairs if your office copier is regularly jamming, as they might need to come and clean the feed tires or search inside your machine for built-up dust.


Your copier may be in the most air-conditioned space possible, but, regardless of the climate, season, or room temperatures, it doesn’t take long for it to go into overdrive.

Together with fans, drawers, gear and other equipment, the bulbs in the photocopier will easily overheat and lead to potential damage. Keep an eye on the LED panel of the photocopier for messages of warning about overheating and warn users to avoid operating the copy machine continuously without breaks.

Wrinkled Pages

There’s nothing professional about the copies coming out of the creased copier. Your workers turn up for business meetings or tender documents for reports that look like they were grabbed from a student’s knapsack instead of looking like a trained business professional.

Every so often, crinkled pages result from worn-out exit rollers and feeds that cause jamming or sticking. Then again, beat up paper trays, crinkled pages may also be caused by moisture created by fuse assemblies and humidity.

Discoloured printing

In a busy office climate, smudges, bad image quality or discoloured printing can be extremely difficult to deal with. It might mean that the density controls on your photocopier are imbalanced if your copies come out too light or too dark.

To find out how to reset them, check your printer ‘s manual or call a copier specialist to get expert advice. Our copier technicians at Copysonic have a minimum of 15 years of experience in the repair and installation of office printers. 

Copies are Too Dark or Too Light

In most cases, dark and light issues on copy pages are due to imbalances in the density controls on the photocopier. Somebody may have adjusted the settings accidentally, rendering subsequent copies too dark or too bright. Resetting the density levels in this instance is the best option.

It is also likely that the drum may have reached the end of its useful life or that the copy machine’s toner is poor. Some toners are not up to supplier codes and can cause issues with light density. Replacements should be ordered and mounted.

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