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What Questions People Ask Before Choosing A Copy Machine Repair Company?

We know that different workplaces have different needs, so it follows that not all printer repair companies are created equally. Some of them will invariably offer services that are better suited to your office than others.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the seven most important questions you should ask the printer repair technician before you book them for a job, and why.

  • What’s your printer repair call-out fee?

This is an important consideration-you don’t want to blow half of the budget you allocated to printer repair on a call-out fee! Make sure you ask the printer repair company to tell you what their call-out fee is for a no-frills printer service.

  • If the parts need to be changed and the technician doesn’t have a part in it, is there a second call-out fee?

This is an environment that can be sly for several businesses, and you can finally divide with extra capital. Please ask the printer repair technician if there is an extra fee in the case where he doesn’t have the correct parts, so he will come out for a second time.

  • Are there any other fees if the call-out takes longer than expected?

This is a question of extreme importance, because time is money, as we all know. You want to go to a company whose technicians will properly repair your printer or copier without ever looking at the clock-or worse, add insult to the injury by giving you an extra bill at the end of the service.

  • How quickly can a phone call for a printer service be answered?

Never assume that every printer repair company will understand the urgency of your request or the rush you ‘re in to get your printer to work again-take a moment to ask how quickly a fleet of technicians can get to you after you call!

Look for a company that goes out of its way to minimize the wait time and spare you the added inconvenience. At Copysonic, our response time is always within two hours, so we promise you won’t be twisting your thumbs for too long.

  • Once completed, is there a warranty on printer repair work?

In addition to discussing the various options available for printer repair and service, you should ask the printer repair company you are talking to if they provide a warranty after the repair work has been completed. This means that if your printer or copier starts acting again, you won’t get stuck coughing up even more of the office budget to get things fixed a second time.

Printers are non-official office workhorses, especially for small businesses where one machine can handle every bit of a team’s paperwork. Look for a company that understands that you need lasting peace of mind and demonstrates this by providing a guarantee that your printer will continue to work efficiently once repairs have been completed.

  • Do your technicians have a thorough knowledge of different types of printers?

Printers and photocopiers are highly sensitive, complex machines with many built-in features, such as scanners, copy machines and fax machines. You should always choose a printer repair technician who has a proven track record working in the industry and the in-depth product knowledge needed to get your machine back on top order.

  • Is it easy for your technician to be contacted via office or mobile?

After you make a call or submit a form asking for a printer repair job or a printer service, it is natural that you want to be able to get hold of the assigned technician if you need to.

By Geraoma - Own work, Public Domain,
By Geraoma – Own work, Public Domain,

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