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5 Things To Do So You Don’t Get Trapped In A Bad Copier Lease

For certain small enterprises, owning a copy machine may be ridiculously expensive. Aside from the cost of supplies and maintenance, coming up with the initial money to buy the copier will push operating expenses below their profit margins. 

Copy machine leasing reduces the initial financial commitment and can offer a variety of other appealing advantages.

Although leasing is an excellent way to take advantage of technology, choosing the wrong leasing partner will transform your company nirvana into a nightmare of bad quality, unexpected costs, and being forced to use technology that no longer fits your needs due to inflexible lease terms. 

When you lease rather than buy, you will end up paying more in interest. A copier contract, on the other hand, is usually arranged such that the entire lease price is immediately deductible. 

You will partially offset the net loss by deducting these fees as business costs on the tax return. 

A lease is typically quicker to get than a loan for a copier, and lease fees are smaller since you are not responsible for the copier’s whole lifetime.

Sharp FO-IS125N Fax

So what can you do to not get trapped in a bad copier lease? 

1. It’s a smart idea to double-check anything, even whether you need to print at all for various situations in your business. 

  • If you’re considering getting into a copier lease you must understand that there are things you need to do upon negotiations.
  • Consult a lawyer.
  • Relevant, informative machine/feature cash values, as well as leasing rates, should be requested. Many merchants would attempt to sell at a single unitemized profit. 
  • Figure out how much the equipment will cost if purchased anywhere, use Google.
  • Products for other printing machines should be avoided as these are things your company may not need and will cost more money.
  • Inquire about net 30 terms. This is something that any company that isn’t on the brink of bankruptcy should agree on.
  • Request a 30-day cancellation notice prior to the expiration of the term, and that all renewals be on a month-to-month basis.

2. Provide a complete solution package. Get the technology you like when paying less money up front. 

  • Maintenance and service, freight, delivery, set up, and training expenses will all be bundled into one monthly bill.

3. Failure to read the fine print is one of the most important mistakes companies make when negotiating copier lease agreements. 

  • Unfortunately, some copier rental companies take advantage of this by including clauses in their contracts that extend the lease after the agreed-upon deadline or immediately renew it without your consent.
  • Check the term length; three years should be the limit.
  • Attempt to get installation and setup fees waived.

4. Reduce the startup expenses. 

  • Since the payments are spread out over the whole lease term, the initial outlay is usually minimal. This helps you to get the appliances easily and at a cheap price.

5. Reduce the possibility of interest rate hikes.

  • Fixed lease costs shield you from potential interest rate hikes.
  • Encourage budgeting that is consistent. Lease fees are predictable, making spending forecasts simpler. 

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