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7 Things To Consider When Buying A Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers will consolidate a variety of office activities into a single unit, saving you both time and money. With a multifunction printer, you can get rid of or at least limit the number of single-capability devices like scanners and fax machines. 

By minimizing the need for individual computer components, your company will save both space and resources. Here are a few things to think about before selecting a multifunction printer for your office.

1. Copying Capability

A multifunction printer is capable of producing high-quality black-and-white or color copies of papers. They can easily copy big or small documents and can convert one-sided documents to two-sided documents and vice versa. 

A multifunction computer, like a printer, can copy from and onto a wide range of paper forms and sizes, as well as other media.

2. Printing Capability

Employees in every office use printing on a regular basis. Remember how much your workers print and what kinds of assignments they print before using a multifunction printer for your office.

Multifunction printers can print tens, hundreds, or even thousands of pages of high-quality text every day on a number of different print media. 

Normal printer paper, letterhead, dense cardstock, recycled paper, envelopes, stamps, banner paper, and other materials are all available for printing. 

Since most traditional personal printers are restricted by the types of paper or other medium they can effectively print on, these functions should improve printing capacity within your workplace.

Printing in black and white or colour, 1-sided, 2-sided, or several pages per sheet printing, and safe printing are all features of multifunction printers. 

These devices provide advanced features to your employees, including the ability to create shortcuts for common printing activities to speed up the process.

3. Faxing Capability

While faxes are becoming less popular as email becomes the norm, many offices do need faxing capabilities. Faxing is integrated with the other print features on multifunction printers, so you can print and search when sending and receiving faxes.

4. Scanning Capability

Multifunction printers can also capture high-quality text and photographs from scanned papers. You can also upload scanned documents to USB computers, send them to pre-registered email addresses or new contacts, and save them directly to your server.

You can scan hard copies of files to your computer securely and conveniently for secure digital storage. 

If you already have scanned copies of images on your machine, a multifunction printer will scan them and email them to you for quick access. 

Scanning is a popular feature in many workplaces because it reduces the need for a separate fax machine; with a multifunction computer, you can perform these tasks with better accuracy and speed than ever.

5. Technical Support

 Even the best multifunction printer can need repairs at any stage, so make sure you understand what the service contract entails. Inquire with the print company about the printer’s service and what extra coverage is required for order.

6. Connectivity

Multifunction printers can print from a server-connected laptop, a USB link, or a wireless connection. Since many offices print from a range of desktops, notebooks, tablets, and even mobile phones, this is a useful feature. 

Clients who bring paperwork to the office from their own computers that need to be copied will also be accommodated.

7. Total Cost of Ownership

When selecting a multifunction printer, the overall cost of ownership is the final factor to remember. This will include the machine’s price as well as parts, repairs, and other expenses. 

Working with a Managed Print Provider will help you save money by determining the right way to set up and maintain your office’s perfect print climate.

Multifunction printers come in a range of sizes; the size and/or quantity of multifunction printers you need will be determined by your printing requirements. A print company will consider those requirements as well as the general business objectives to determine the right number of printers you’ll need to improve your print environment.

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