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Copier Maintenance:

5 Tips For Keeping It Running Smoothly

A good copier is something most of us are likely to take for granted. It’s usually just in the corner or side room, dutifully pumping out page after page. Inevitably, though, something is going to go wrong.

Sometimes the machine gets old and the parts can’t hold the paper like they should. Sometimes it’s the fault of the user, to use wrinkled paper or to copy something that smudges or smudges the glass. Sometimes the office worker pours his coffee on the machine, or the Christmas party gets out of hand. 

Most of the problems like paper jams are easy to clear up. Look for a flashing light on the control panel, open the right area, and remove the paper. Of course, it’s not that easy at other times. Here are a few tips from Print expert technicians to keep your copiers from breaking, jamming or delivering inferior copies and prints.

Invest in a Maintenance Kit

If you’re willing to spend a little money to extend the life of your printer, you can order a maintenance kit from your printer manufacturer when the original parts begin to show signs of wear. These kits may include a range of maintenance products, ranging from cleaning supplies to removable printer parts, such as rollers, which, when dirty or worn out, are commonly responsible for printer jams.

Start With the Simple Explanation

Sometimes, annoying strokes and lines may appear on copies and prints. The good news is that the fixing of streaks can be as simple as cleaning Wite-out ® off the glass or finding a toner spill in the paper feeder. The only bad news is that you need to find a glass cleaner or a solvent spray to clean it.

However, if you find lines on your page that don’t go away, it may be time to make a service call. Lines on your copies or prints can be a sign of a dirty roller inside the machine that requires a trained professional to access, remove and clean it.

However, you can try running a few blank copies of clean , fresh paper that can help to reduce these marks by picking up a loose toner as it passes through the machine. As a preventive measure, try cleaning the “slit glass.” Look at the location of this piece on your device in your copying manual. Dirt or residues may also cause black lines on copies and scans.

Choose a Copier Suited For Your Needs

In some cases, the copiers break down because the machine is not well suited to the demands that the staff of the office will place on it. If you have a copier that breaks down on a regular basis, overuse could be the reason. Don’t fall for the false advertisements of a “cheap” copier that will cost you more in the long run in lost downtime, repairs, and productivity.

Don’t overbuy it, either. Some machines are simply designed to be used almost continuously throughout the day and to function better in high-use environments. The under-use of these copiers can also lead to more maintenance than “should” be required.

Clean Printer Heads

You’ve probably seen a document coming out of a printer with white lines running across text or graphics that are missing ink, even though the cartridges are full. This means the printer heads are clogged and need to be cleaned. Check out the manual that came with your printer or look at the manufacturer’s website to find out how to clean the printheads of your particular model; many printers will clean themselves with just a few clicks, but they can also be cleaned manually if you prefer. Just be careful not to clean your heads more often than necessary, as some ink will be used in the cleaning process.

Of course, no printer is perfect – there will be occasional jams, smudges, and bugs. But with a bit of easy maintenance of the printer, you can greatly reduce the occurrence of these problems and streamline your printing experience. Take a look at our reviews of the top all-in-one printers and find the one that best suits your needs so that you can put these tips into practice and enjoy happy, stress-free printing.

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Carefully Resolve Mechanical Errors

Like most products, your printer will last longer if you take good care of it; even incorrectly sorted paper jams can lead to printing issues in the future. Instead of getting frustrated when there’s a jam and yanking the paper out, refer to the instructions that come with the printer to find the best way to fix a jam on your specific model. Usually, the best practice is to use both hands to slowly pull the paper out of the printer to avoid leaving the paper ripped behind or damaging the internal parts of the printer. You can also prevent jams by making sure that the paper you upload to the printer is not torn, dog-eared or stuck together and that the tray is not overfilled.

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