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Century Blackhawk Plaza is a chain of movie theaters, some with multiple screens, stadium seats and self-service ticket booths located inside the Blackhawk Plaza.

The Century Blackhawk Plaza has the most comfortable reclining seats. It’s like sitting in the cloud! Online reserved seats are easy to make and allow you to get right when the movie starts. There’s a lot of snacks and food choices. The space is always clean and the staff are always friendly.

Once you make your way through the lobby, you’ll find the individual theaters quite small. The recliner-style seats are large and comfortable, the aisles wide and easy to navigate. It’s best to order your tickets online to make sure you have a seat, especially for a popular movie, and you can choose your seats according to your preferences. The sound was blowing, so we asked him to turn it down and to be accommodated immediately. In all, a positive experience.

It’s easy to find your seats and the seats are so nice. Full leather, full recline, and even in this position, there’s plenty of room in front of you for someone to pass by, and you don’t have to move around. The concession stands (all theaters are expensive for concessions, but this is how they make money, so much of the ticket price goes back to the filmmakers, if you like your theater and want to make sure you buy some stuff). The bathrooms are always clean, the front area is also spacious. A great place to watch a film. After that, you’re in the perfect area for shopping, drinking, or dessert.

Since the Regal Hacienda Theater was built, the Blackhawk Theater is where the “older clientele” would go, or the locals would take their young children to. This isn’t a hip theater. It’s not crowded, ticket prices are cheaper, and there’s always plenty of parking near the theater, with no lines at the concession.

Best theater in the history of theatre. Let ‘s start by mentioning that the theaters have a lot of space for individual leather recliners. The seats are in pairs, but it wouldn’t be embarrassing to share with a stranger, because you probably won’t even know they’re there. Of course, since the seats are wider, there are not as many seats in the theater as there are. Also, there are only 7 different theaters, so the capacity is not very high.

This amazing landmark in Danville, California is located near some other must-see places of interest:

  • Blackhawk Museum
  • Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site
  • AuburnJames Winery 
  • Blackhawk Plaza
  • Museum of the San Ramon Valley
  • San Damiano Retreat 
  • St. Isidore Catholic Church
  • Iron Horse Regional Trail

All of these wonderful landmarks are located just a short distance from our location at 1091 Shary Circle in Concord, California! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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