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How Much Is An Office Copier?

In order to make your investment a worthwhile one that helps your business in the long run – not only in terms of printing and copying but also avoiding unnecessary printing expenses and keeping revenue – you want to think ahead of time through your purchase.

To start, we recommend analyzing the following costs before making a final decision:

A. UPFRONT COSTS (Functions to Consider)

Your upfront cost to your office copier will be based on the type of copier you decide to use and its inclusive features. Ask yourself why your business first needs a copier … what are you planning to use it to? What are the most important functions that she needs to have?

If you operate under a strict budget, developing a priority list of functions is a good idea to decide which system would be the best match for your business. A copier that streamlines a slew of office functions can be found these days – printing, scanning, sorting, faxing, and more. What roles would be the best for efficiency for your employees? Here are only a few of the functions:


How much do you normally have to print on a regular basis, and how quickly do you need it to be done? Speed and volume are some of the most important characteristics to consider when deciding on a copier. It will depend on your company size and number of employees, how fast your office environment is, how dependent your employees are on printing / copying, in which industry you ‘re in, etc. These factors will determine if you need to quickly print large volumes, and whether sharing one device makes sense for everyone in the company.

Many small businesses should be at ease with 15-35 PPM to give you an idea. But bear in mind that these velocities are based on single-sided copies of standard paper size. If you do a lot of double-sided or large printing, the velocity will be slower. A good plan is to estimate how many pages your company produces monthly, and from there to determine your PPM.


It might seem obvious, but it does make a big difference! Consider the size of your office and how much room the copier can accommodate. Where do you plan on maintaining it? Generally speaking, the smaller the copier, the more limited its functions can be. But if your office is space-saving and you still need several features, you might be considering opting for a few smaller apps. Remember, you want to avoid sharing one small device with too many employees, causing it to get backed up and run slower.


Digital copiers usually have software compatibility and can connect via an internal WiFi network to employee computers (or even smartphones!), but they’re limited in how many computers they can connect to at once. You’ll have to decide first whether you want wireless printing options or not. Consider then how many workers are willing to use the copier, and how often. When multiple workers intend to use the copier during any given workday, higher accessibility is required to avoid reducing workflow.


Do you need a stand-alone copier or a multi-function printer (MFP)? Many companies now streamline their printing functions to save money and office space, as well as multitasking bolstering. This can be a great option if the device is shared by multiple employees from different departments but require it for various reasons. Many highly functioning copiers can scan, scan to email, scan to cloud, connect to business email , fax, edit images, produce branded watermarks, print on both sides, collate pages, change the scale of printing, staple pages together and even translate into different languages! But you might prefer to keep it simple, or you’re satisfied with your current printer and just need to add a copier to it. You’ll get to decide anyway.


Many digital copiers have the option to retain internal drive document information, which can be great for retaining important company documents. But, if you want to save money on lesser memory, notice that inadequate memory will result in slower performance. In one cycle, the copier may not be able to complete larger copy work. If your company needs to internally save a large volume of files, you should choose a large-memory copier.


Security is an important function to consider when you are a company with sensitive and/or confidential documents. Some copiers provide security and privacy options, so you don’t have to worry about non-protecting sensitive documents from network security threats, data breaches, hackers, etc. For example, many digital copiers allow users to enter a code before making copies and this will avoid unauthorized usage. Many machines can also keep faxes or documents in memory until you enter the correct code, then print them out. This prevents unauthorized persons from being left in the output tray to view sensitive documents.


Choosing a color versus a black-and-white copier depends on what your copier is for. For example, many marketing teams rely on a color printer to show their brand and attract consumers (consider brand retention to be up to 82% higher when displayed in color!). Employees may also need to print presentations and/or images or copy them. You may prefer saving money by going with a black-and-white copier. In making this decision remember the budget and regular experiences with the copier. For example, if you only choose a black and white printer, are you planning to outsource copies of the colors? This should also be included in your budget.


Inkjet copiers are typically cheaper choices upfront and ideal for color printing, but the catch is that they are slower and more costly to keep the business printing constantly in the long run. This is because inkjet copiers use ink toner, which can’t produce as many copies and can be expensive for frequent replacements. A good estimate is that one $30 + cartridge makes 1,000 copies (whereas up to 15,000 copies can be produced by a laser cartridge). The laser is usually the more cost-effective option, in terms of cost per page. So if you’re planning to print more than 1,000 copies a month, laser is likely the right choice.


It goes without saying that, compared to a used or refurbished unit, a new copier would be the most expensive choice upfront. Used will be the cheapest option, but it will be sold without repairs, upgrades, maintenance, or warranty so it is not guaranteed to be in condition. You would have to assure that the device is in working condition and that it will function properly for as long as you need it. On the other side, refurbished copiers have been checked, washed, upgraded and generally come with a warranty. Usually, they were only used for three months or less, and by buying a brand-new machine you can avoid spending more money


You should note when making your decision on a copier, that your contract will not stop until you pay the out-the-door price on the unit. Copiers require daily cleaning and repair, which means you can include extra monthly costs in your budget. Here are the top three continuing costs to remember before selecting a copier that suits you:


Choosing to buy or lease a copier is a very critical decision and will definitely have an effect on your budget. The key component you want to consider – as far as your budget is concerned – is whether you prefer to have a higher outdoor cost or whether you want to spread the cost over a few years. If you rent a copier upfront instead of paying the whole cost (usually thousands of dollars), you make smaller, frequent monthly payments, which is perfect if you don’t have enough money to purchase a new unit!

Other leasing benefits include maintenance packages and easier options for replacement/upgrade. At the same time, you end up paying more in the long run over the period you lease the copier. Make sure you review the contract in depth before leasing – and check these 5 common mistakes to avoid.


Do you have an internal IT department that would be prepared to troubleshoot any potential copier issues? Would you need a contract with a maintenance company? Keep in mind that if ignored, this may cause you to spend a lot of money that was not originally factored into your budget – particularly if you select a computer that has been used or refurbished machine. As mentioned, leasing a copier usually gives you some maintenance-related peace of mind, since it is usually included with the deal. If you need to go with a maintenance contract, make sure that you investigate the response time of the company and read the policy thoroughly so that when you need it, you can make sure you get the attention you need.


Of course, getting a copier means you would need to order office goods on a regular basis-like paper, toner cartridges, developers, staples, fuser oil, etc. Those purchases can drive the lifespan of the copier up your overall cost. If you want to work with a Controlled Print Service (MPS), you can get daily shipments according to the needs of your client. Some lease deals provide daily shipments as well, which can be a nice way to save money over time.

All in all, the budget for your copier will revolve around…

  •   Upfront costs of equipment and copier functions
  •   Purchase or lease price
  •   Ongoing supply orders
  •   Service agreements (ie. monthly) or one-time maintenance charges
  •   The life cycle of machine (ie. technology depreciation)
By Geraoma - Own work, Public Domain,
By Geraoma – Own work, Public Domain,

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