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There is a place floating at thousands of degrees as autumn temperatures fall, downtown where incredible creations take shape. That place is Lindsay Art Glass, the renowned glassblowing studio and gallery in Benicia. The studio owners are welcoming visitors to experience glassblowing for themselves this month, and the gallery presents a wide variety of exclusive glass decorations for the holidays.

In February 1998, David and Ann Lindsay formed Lindsay Art Glass. David, a Vallejo native, started out as an apprentice at the Nourot Glass Studio in Benicia in 1975, where he eventually became a partner. Ann and David started out with only a building shell, and it took six months for them to create the studio. The furnace, which holds a constant 2100 degrees and takes a week to heat up or cool down, is at its heart. Over a 12-hour cycle, there are also annealing ovens that steadily cool glass creations from 1900 degrees to around 100.

The studio provides glass blowing demonstrations from 11 to 3:30 on Tuesday through Friday, beginning in October. Budding glass artists may also arrange a session starting this month to blow their own glass ornament, with plenty of support from professional glassblowers. The experience of ‘Blow Your Own’ costs $75 per user, and children 10 and older accompanied by an adult are welcome to participate. The sessions last about 30 minutes, and the ornaments are ready for the next day’s pick-up. Time slots fill up quickly. You can email David Lindsay at to book an appointment.

At the 1998 Benicia Peddler’s Fair, the gallery at Lindsay Art Glass debuted and opened that September for business. It features David Lindsay’s work, along with 80 artists from around the nation and Canada.

The unique abstract designs of David Lindsay use compound layering masterfully, and his artistry and technological acumen are reflected on hand-blown feet in his renowned “Sarah” series of vases, perfume bottles, and bowls.

The gallery also offers intricate jewelry, wall art, purses, beeswax candles, ornaments, suncatchers, coasters, and goblets, in addition to cups, platters, and paperweights, as well as some wearables such as silk scarves and jackets.

“Every piece is different,” according to co-founder Ann Lindsay. “Every day someone comes in they might see something new.”

Although most of the artists whose work is offered for sale in the gallery are not locals, a few local glass blowers are represented, in addition to David Lindsay. Like Rachel Bautin, whose handcrafted chandelier and other works are sold, Angela Fortain, a glassblower and jeweler who manages the day-to-day sales of the company, has her own pieces on display in the gallery. The work of Cincinnati-based artist Nicholas Yust, who creates his abstract colored aluminum panels through a method that combines chemical patinas and the emulsification of acrylic pigments, is a recent addition to the gallery’s collection.

According to Ann Lindsay, one of the gallery’s priorities is to sell items that are affordable. “Our prices hit the midranges, and we also try not to compete with other galleries in town that sell Benicia-made art.”

Lindsay Art Glass is located at 109 East F Street, just off 1st Street, in downtown Benicia. Gallery hours are Sunday through Thursday from 11 to 5, Friday from 11 to 7, and Saturday from 10 to 7.

This amazing landmark in Benicia, California is located near some other must-see places of interest:

  • Benicia Capitol State Historic Park
  • Glass Beach
  • Benicia Historical Museum at the Camel Barns 
  • Benicia State Recreational Area
  • Benicia Arsenal
  • Benicia Main Street: First Street
  • 9th Street Park (AKA the 9th Street Pier) 
  • Fischer Hanlon House

All of these wonderful landmarks are located just a short distance from our location at 1091 Shary Circle in Concord, California! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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