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Our Top 3 Tips to Minimize Copier Repair Needs

How much does your office copier machine mean? Nothing can sabotage a working day more easily than the failure of a copy machine. The good news is that you can perform such preventive activities to avoid interference in the maintenance of copiers. Better still, you can stop the corresponding complaints which follow a copy failure.


Top 3 Maintenance Tips to Reduce Copier Downtime


  • A clean copier is a happy copier. 

One of the most simple things you can do to keep the copier running is to frequently clean it up. This ensures that the outside of the copier is wiped and the bypass and escape rails are frequently cleaned. Wipe off the entry areas of the copier always to avoid dirt and debris from entering the paper road. A lot of photocopiers are often supplied with cleaning cloth towels. Before making copies or scans, search always for glass, as your potential documents will necessarily be looser dirt. Even the smallest scrap of papers left in the paper path can cause great damage during your next print when you remove jams. Be sure that all sections of the page jammed are recovered.

  • Choose a Copier Suited for Your Needs

In some situations, copiers fail because the system is not suitable to meet the demands of the office workers. If you have a regularly decomposing copier, overuse might be the cause. Don’t fall for the misleading ads of a “cheap” copier that will cost you more in missed downtime, maintenance, and efficiency in the long run. Neither should you overbuy. Some copiers are simply designed to run almost non-stop in high use environments all day long. If these copiers are used, more maintenance may be needed than “should.”

  • Discuss Your Needs With the Professionals

You should seek assistance from your maintenance specialist if you have regular repair problems with your office equipment. Your service provider can suggest upgrade specifications or various types of maintenance services. In the future, the office will benefit from this guidance. Do not be scared to ask for any advice.

Let’s face it, the lifeblood of a busy office are copiers. Avoid treating them as people of second class. Your copier is there for you anytime you need it, from copying and scanning to the long printing runs for a particular project. Rather, use it carefully and hold it. You can not only extend its service life with good use and maintenance, but also ensure that things go smoothly in the office for everyone.

It is better to ask a specialist for the support of your copier if you have a problem which cannot be solved or found. Instead of depending on individuals within your organization not acquainted with the inner workings of such devices, call an office that is skilled in copier repair.

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