5 Considerations Before You Purchase a High Volume Copier

When looking to purchase a high-volume copier, there are many things you should consider before making such an important decision. You need to know if the copier will meet your needs and more importantly, how much it will cost. Instead of spending hours researching on your own, here’s a list of 5 considerations that you should make before purchasing a high-volume copier.

Buying A High-Volume Copier

    In today’s digital world, printing has become a more important part of the office. What once was only needed for one-off copies is now needed regularly to keep up with the high volume amount of work that needs to be done at any given time. This can pose some challenges when it comes to purchasing a high-volume copier.

    It’s important for any business that needs multiple copies of documents regularly to take the time and find out all about what they need before making their purchase. Here are several questions you should ask yourself:

  •     How often will it be used? One thing that many companies do not realize is just how much use these machines get, especially in an office environment where there might be hundreds or even thousands of employees working every day. If this machine is going to sit idle most of the time, then it probably doesn’t make sense to invest so heavily into one. This may sound counterintuitive but if your company only has 20 employees and only use the copier a few times per day, it would be better to purchase something smaller and cheaper that can fit easily in an office.
  •     Who is going to operate this machine? If many people will need access to using this high volume copier then you should invest in one with more features since they might also have more uses for it depending on what their job duties require of them. These machines come equipped with different technologies built into them so make sure whoever will be operating these great new pieces of technology has received proper training before purchasing anything.

    When buying any kind of piece of equipment that is going to be used for business, make sure you are aware of the features that it has and how they could benefit your office. If there are certain things about this machine that might need more training before best use then make sure whoever will be operating it receives all the necessary education so nothing goes wrong during or after purchasing anything.

5 Considerations Before You Purchase a High Volume Copier

1. Color Captures The Eye

    Color is often a significant feature for companies who rely on their office machinery to deliver an exceptional quality of work and attract new customers. The first consideration should be the number of colors that are required by your company or business needs, as color copiers can range from two up to six at the very high end. However, it’s important not only to look at how many different hues you need but also if they’re going to match with any other devices such as printers already in place.

2. Total Output Is Important

    When you are getting a copier, it is important to understand how much output the machine can make. It should not take more than an hour for someone to get 100 copies from your machine. When people have something that takes too long and wastes their time, they will find another way around this problem. This means looking elsewhere instead of dealing with such a slow copier constantly. Even if your company does nothing but print every day, there could come a point where you need to reprint or send out multiple pages at once because certain documents do not appear clear on paper after printing one page over and over again. Having the right number of prints per minute ensures that such problems do not occur in most cases as well as ensures that the printer will not jam.


Sharp FO-IS125N Fax

3. Make The Most Of Multifunction Products

    A multifunction product is a type of printer that includes many features in one machine. These printers are capable of copying, scanning, and faxing documents within your office. They can even print wirelessly from mobile devices Multifunction products can fold up into tight spaces or sit on countertops with ease. Although they provide multiple functions for you to use simultaneously, most offer only minimal space for storing paper rolls at once. Be sure before purchasing this kind of copier that it has enough storage capacity for all your needs, especially if printing large volumes requires frequent roll changes.

4. Print Securely From Anywhere

    You can print securely from almost anywhere with built-in security features like password protection and encryption. This is especially helpful for traveling employees who need to keep track of their work while on the go without compromising data by emailing documents or sharing them over cloud services. The high-volume copier you select should have this ability so that your company doesn’t lack control over its files when they are outside of the office, either intentionally or unintentionally.

5. Consider Leasing Vs. Buying

    The decision between leasing or buying a high-volume copier can be tough because you will need to take into consideration the cost of both options. Leasing provides several benefits, including lower monthly payments and flexible contract terms. Many businesses find that they are better off buying their shipment in the long run due to greater flexibility with upgrades and repairs, but if your business does not have much capital for large purchases it may make more sense to lease at first.

    We hope you found some helpful information in this article. If you still have questions about high-volume copiers that are on your mind, please give us a call today. Our experts are waiting to discuss any of the considerations above with you and help ease your worries when it comes to buying something so important for your business.

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