How to Troubleshoot Your High Volume Copier?

In this post, we will take a look at common problems encountered and solutions you can take to troubleshoot your high-volume copier when it starts feeling a little off.

Common High-Volume Copier Issues and Solutions

1. Paper Jams

A paper jam is the most common copy machine error encountered. The reasons for occurrence vary from a wrong size of paper to improper loading, which causes copiers to pull said document through incorrectly and in turn leading them into jams, especially if it’s not timely caught on time.

  • Solution

 Automatic fixing of these types of issues requires someone manually removing the jammed paper and reloading proper size or correcting alignment. There is also a problem with dust, which tends to clog machines and cause jams in copiers, thus the best way to avoid this issue would be to periodically wipe feed tires clean as well as vacuum away all built up inside your machine’s compartments before starting any printing jobs.

2. Lines On Papers 

Copying a document with simple text or images and your finished copy contains streaks, lines, or other deformities, there’s an issue with the copier. The problem may occur if there are issues in the machine itself, which means your troubleshooting might not always lead you to an answer right away. Potential sources for this copy machine problem include foreign substances on the scanner glass or mirrors, drum unit malfunction, and finally, if all else fails there could be an issue with fusers.

  • Solution

The first issue has been resolved through the removal of interferences and cleaning your scanner glass. See your device’s user manual for proper instructions on how to do this. The remaining problems can all be remedied by replacing an outdated unit, these should only require attention from a service provider if there are other symptoms present.

3. Cartridge Or Toner Issues

If your high-volume copier is printing with faded or light colors, it may be due to a low-toner cartridge.

  • Solution

– You can check if the cartridges are installed properly and securely by opening up the front access panel of your high-volume copier.

– The next step would be checking whether any empty cartridges need replacing. Once you replace them, test print another copy to see how much ink remains in each one. If there’s still not enough color on your pages, then contact your service provider for high-volume copier repairs as soon as possible.

4. Wrinkled Pages

Wrinkled pages are usually caused by the high humidity in the room. A high-volume copier is more sensitive to environmental changes, so people often forget that these machines can be affected when there’s a sudden change in temperature or humidity levels. If your high-volume copy machine leaves wrinkled paper behind, then you have an issue with how it handles moisture in the air. You should fix this problem right away because if not addressed quickly enough, it will lead to jammed sheets and ultimately a costly repair bill for large-scale companies that own several printer machines.

  • Solution

Before you start troubleshooting why your high-volume copier is leaving wrinkles on paper, make sure that they’re wrinkles and not tiny creases. Wrinkles are usually caused by high humidity levels in the room, while you can remove those small creases with a few paperclips or glue sticks.

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5. Copies Are Too Light Or Too Dark

If your high-volume copier is outputting copies that are too light or too dark, the toner cartridge may not be in good condition.

  • Solution

– The first step would be to check if there are any loose parts around where you insert the cartridges. If so, this might cause a lack of pressure on the cartridge when it’s being installed which will lead to an inadequate supply of toner powder for your high-volume copier machine’s drum unit.

– You can also open up empty cartridges and look at how much material has been used already, if most of it has been consumed then there could either be a problem with how well these new cartridges were sealed upon arrival, or if it’s been a long time since the high-volume copier machine’s drum unit was changed.

6. Spots On Page

As the name suggests, this copy machine problem consists of random arrays of dots marring an otherwise perfect copy. If you notice them in the same place every time it’s likely because there are smudges or debris on your mirror.

  • Solution

If it’s clean and free from debris like paper dust or toner particles, then there are other possible solutions to fix the problem with spots on-page. Check for misaligned rollers in belts if they are not caused by a faulty imaging drum assembly, give your service provider a call right away.

If your high-volume copier is giving you trouble and you don’t know what the issue may be, take a look at this list of common issues and their solutions below. We have team members ready to answer any questions or provide assistance with troubleshooting so give us a call today!

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