5 Quick Tips About High Volume Copiers

In the past few years, a variety of high-volume copiers have been introduced to the market. Businesses and individuals need to know what these machines are capable of before making a purchase decision. In this post, we will go over 5 tips about high-volume copiers that you should be aware of when considering your options.

Why Choose High Volume Copiers?

  •     High-volume copiers are typically used for medium to high-volume print jobs. High speed, low cost, and advanced image quality are just a few of the reasons you should choose them over other options. Once you have decided that this is your best choice, there will be several decisions about which machine type would meet your needs best.
  •     High-volume copier machines offer very fast turnarounds compared to alternatives like laser printers or large photocopiers.
  •     High-volume copier pricing depends on many factors; however, they tend to be much lower than smaller color printing systems.
  •     A common feature found in most high-volume copy machines is finishing capabilities such as stapling, punching holes (for binding), adding covers (if desired), and many more.
  •     High-volume copiers are perfect for high-volume print jobs.
  •     High speed, low cost, and advanced image quality make them the best choice over other options.
  •     Decisions about which machine type would meet your needs depend on several factors.

5 Quick Tips About High Volume Copiers

1. High-volume copiers can be used to cut down on the cost of supplies.

    High-volume copier machines can be used to cut down on the cost of supplies, such as paper and ink. High-volume models are ideal for small businesses that print a lot throughout each day or large organizations with multiple users who need continuous access.

2.  High-volume printers provide fast copies at high resolutions.

    Copiers designed for heavy use have advanced hardware components that allow them to produce many pages in a short amount of time while still maintaining very clear text and graphics. They offer different speeds depending on your needs, under 20ppm (pages per minute), if you only plan to do low volumes, from 40 up to 60 ppm if you often make multiples or 100ppm+ which is usually meant for commercial purposes but can be used for high-volume home offices as well. High-resolution options range from 600×600 dpi to 1200×1200 dpi or even higher, depending on the model you choose.

3.  High-volume copiers provide lots of software features. 

    High-volume models generally include a variety of features and capabilities that make them more efficient to use and allow users to take advantage of all their functions with little effort. From automatic document feeding systems and feeder trays capable of handling hundreds of pages in one batch, stapling, sorting, collating, or pinning, offsite faxing, web connectivity, copy preview capability, secure prints such as PIN codes. Manufacturers often bundle these machines with an array of additional features and capabilities.

Sharp FO-IS125N Fax

4.  High-volume copiers are perfect for high-volume print jobs.

    High-volume machines also have more robust paper handling abilities, allowing you to produce larger documents with ease. They can handle up to 11×17 inches in size, depending on the model you choose. High-capacity paper trays allow users to load a lot of pages at once so they don’t need to replenish them very often during large printing projects or when several people will be using the machine simultaneously over time. A higher capacity toner cartridge is another benefit because it reduces downtime due to maintenance issues by having fewer interruptions which means less wasted time in reloading toner cartridges every few hundred pages or so.

5.  High-volume copier machines are ideal for busy offices and large printing needs. 

    High-volume copiers can print up to 200 pages per minute and offer a variety of options including high-capacity output bins, sorters, collators, and stackers that make it easy to meet your office’s workflow demands quickly while minimizing disruptions from long jams or slow service times. High Volume Copier Machines are ideal for busy offices and large printing needs.

    When you need to print a lot of copies, it’s best to invest in high-volume copiers. These machines provide fast printing with little wait time and can be used for all sorts of different tasks such as scanning documents or copying pages from books. If this sounds like something that could help your business thrive, call us today. Our team is ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have about high-volume copier machines or how they work so we can make sure the right machine is chosen for you and your office needs.

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