Which Is Better For My Business, Kyocera Or Toshiba Copiers?

It can be difficult to choose which copier is better for your business. The Kyocera and Toshiba are both good brands, but it’s not as simple as comparing their prices.

The best way to figure out which printer will be the best for your business is by reading some reviews on each of them. This article has a ton of information about these two printers that can help you decide.


History of Kyocera

Kyocera is a Japanese printer manufacturer that began producing industrial ceramics products in Kyoto 60 years ago. Today they produce an array of technologies, including printers for office use as well as electronics and other manufactures such as bathrooms to cookers with their current group consisting of nearly 77 thousand employees worldwide making it one tough competitor!


Kyocera Printers and Copiers

Kyocera’s printers are not just for home or office use. They’ve been designed to fit any workplace, be it a small business with only one desktop printer that prints out invoices after hours and on weekends when needed; part-time copying centers equipped with low volume fax machines so they can send urgent documents without needing an internet connection–or very large corporations who need fleet of vehicles carrying multifunctional devices capable printing/scanning copies while simultaneously faxing important paperwork back at headquarters using wireless networks as if these were normal days gone by!

Kyocera’s advantage in the market is its ability to produce printers with lower operating costs and using less energy. One way they do this is by adding ceramic particles into their toner which helps keep your printer working efficiently while also keeping it cool so you can operate for longer periods of time before needing servicing or replacement parts.


Why Choose Kyocera?

  • The Buyers Lab Reliability award Kyocera won last year was for its ECOSYS® A3 line of color MFPs. Reviewers looked at the entire line, calculating misfeeds and reviewing service calls to find out how often downtime occurred with these devices; they found that it would be rare if ever in use due to their high-reliability ratings!
  • Kyocera offers a low overall cost of ownership compared to other brands. That’s due in large part thanks to its products being designed with a different approach than the norm – most laser printers have imaging cartridges that integrate drums, developers, and toners into one unit which means you’ll need to replace them when they’re used up (and sometimes before). The Kyocera printer’s ceramic drum lasts much longer so it saves consumers money over time!


History of Toshiba

Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc. (TABS) manages copier, facsimile, and multi-function printing products throughout the United States with offices everywhere from coast to coast. Headquartered in Irvine California since 1999; they are one of Toshiba Corporation’s many operating companies that make up for seven percent of market share each year bringing their revenue over $76 billion!

Used Copy Machines

Toshiba Copiers

Toshiba’s line of color and black & white printing devices includes award-winning e-STUDIO™ MFPs. They range from compact, affordable equipment for the home or small office to high-speed large-capacity printers designed specifically with larger offices in mind. Reviewers often talk about how Toshiba products are both innovative yet intuitive; consistently raising the bar within this industry by offering features such as their customizable platform which allows users ultimate control over everything they need – down even individual ink levels per print head!

Toshiba printers are built to do the work of many different types of professionals. With their high-speed printing, scanning, and copy capabilities they can easily handle any task you throw at them while also being less likely to break down in your office than other models that only have one or two features. If it doesn’t require regular visits from a repairer then this will save money on running costs for your company!


Why Choose Toshiba?

  • The company has won numerous awards for its product innovations. In 2017, they announced the world’s first copier/MFP capable of printing both black and erasable blueprints!
  • Elevate’s award-winning user interface (UI) simplifies and automates common business processes, allowing organizations to fully customize their MFPs for the tasks they do most frequently.

Are You Looking for the Best Copier for Your Business?       

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