Which Is Better For An Office, Sharp Or Canon Copiers?

The question we should be asking is not which copier is better, but rather what do you need your copier to do? If you’re looking for a machine that can handle high-volume copying and scanning, Canon might be the way to go. However, if your office needs a fast scanner or fax, then Sharp may have the edge over Canon. Deciding between these two companies comes down to knowing precisely what you need in a machine so it’s important to talk with an expert before making any decisions.


Canon is an industry leader, and its photocopiers fly off the shelves. In addition to this recent partnership with Rank Xerox (the joint venture of US-based Xerox and UK’s own Rank Organization), it has also gained entrance into repairing machines by supplying parts for maintenance needs!

3 Impressive offers of Canon:

1) i-SENSYS – The models of this line are multifunctional laser machines which scan, fax and print as well as copy. They usually have network-ready functionality to save your time by double sided printing!

2) PIXMA – These professional all-in-one inkjet printers are the perfect solution for small businesses who want to boost productivity without sacrificing quality. Each printer comes with a free Autofix software that reduces poorly printed copies in your office, making this line more efficient and cost effective than laser models!

3) imageRunner – When you need to print a lot of copies, the imageRunner is your best bet. This printer has low operating costs and doesn’t take up too much space onsite or in storage facilities!


Why Canon Photocopiers?

Canon’s copiers are the best for workgroups and offices. They can produce high-quality documents, photos, or graphics at a fast pace while being energy efficient! It also features an easy to understand user interface so that your employees never get lost in what they’re doing – which means less downtime waiting on machines.



The Japanese company, Sharp is a household name that’s renowned for making some of the most reliable photocopiers and multifunction printers. With speeds up to 70 pages per minute – they’re more than just necessities in any modern office!


4 Things that Sharp offers:

1) Production MFPs – These are high-quality black and white copiers that produce copies at a rapid pace, perfect for demanding environments or large organizations.

2) Small office MFP – Copiers in this category are designed to fit easily and produce 20 black-andwhite pages per minute.

3) Office MFP – Office MFPs are great for small to medium businesses as they provide both mono and coloured output at a minimum of 18 ppm.

The affordability makes it easy, while the high quality will keep your customers happy!

4) Next-Generation MFP – With the touch screen control, these copiers are easy to use and usher in a new era of printing.

Used Copy Machines

Why Sharp Photocopiers?

Canon’s high-end models may be out of your price range, but you can still get a great copier for less with Sharp. This one has extra features like sharp prints and efficient energy consumption. Sharp photocopiers are designed to print on different kinds of papers and cards!


The Verdict

Investing in new office equipment can be a big decision for any business, but it’s even moreso when you’re considering the variety of options available. Sharp and Canon both have their shining points–which may make them attractive brands to choose from depending on what your needs are as well as how they will fit into corporate operations or goals with expansion potential. It might take some time evaluating those truly distinguishing factors before making an informed decision about which one is right for your company so consider all angles carefully!

Are You Looking for the Best Copier for Your Business?       

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