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5 Things To Consider When Buying A Laser Printer For Your Business

If you are a business owner, chances are that you have considered buying a laser printer for your company. But before you buy one, there are some things to consider. Laser printers can be expensive and often require more upkeep than inkjet printers do. Depending on the size of your business, this could pose an issue. Before making any purchases from any reputable printer manufacturers, make sure to ask these five questions: 

  • What is the speed capability of a laser printer?

Consider how many pages your company prints per month and the types of print tasks employees are doing when looking at printer speed. How many pages per minute (ppm) can it produce? For example, legal firms often have large print orders to complete regularly so it’s important for them to purchase a high-quality but sluggish printer that can keep up with their printing needs!

If your workforce only prints a few pages every now and then or if you have a small workplace, printer speed may not be as important. Keep in mind that each set has an optimal monthly volume suggested by the manufacturer; choosing the right pace will help avoid future issues.

  • What Kinds Of Paper Does It Handle?

If your company handles print jobs that require different types of paper, you should consider a printer that can handle more than just A4-sized paper. Though printers may be cheaper if they only take standard 8.5 x 11 inches, there are many options to choose from when it comes to size and type such as legal size (8.5 x 14) or even cardstock for cards and invitations.

A printer that can accommodate heavy paper from conventional trays may be a good option for businesses looking to print large volumes of documents on stock or other heavyweight papers. This is because the bypass tray, which typically holds these types of heavier weight paper, automatically loads in printers without this capability and therefore limits the business’s ability to produce more work simultaneously since staff must manually reload it with each use.

The best way companies can save time producing a high volume of materials such as those required by your organization would be by investing in printing machines capable of accommodating heavyweight stocks as they do through traditional methods using the bypass tray commonly found on higher-end models among many others currently available within their price range while still allowing them all options when choosing how and where they plan to make

  • Check For Printer Connectivity

Although USB is common on all printers, Ethernet connectivity is to look for in an office setting. With this, you can connect a printer network router and share it with your coworkers. All computers that will need access to the printer must have their driver loaded.

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  • Consider The Noise It Emits

When you consider purchasing a printer, it is important to think about the noise levels. Some printers are quieter than others when they print and make some noises that may be distracting or disruptive in your office space.

As a reference, printer makers provide the decibel noise level for their various models. When assessing how noisy it will be when set up in your area, make sure to check this as well.

  • How Much Space You Have In The Office

It is important to consider the size and placement of your office printer before purchasing it. You may want a smaller, more compact model that can fit into limited spaces without taking up too much room. It’s also worth considering how easy or difficult the toner cartridge installation process will be as well as paper loading; this could save you time in maintenance later on down the road.

We hope we were able to help you decide what laser printer is right for your business needs. If not, please call us and our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions or provide recommendations that are tailored specifically to the goals of your company’s marketing strategy.

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