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How Much Do High-speed Scanners Generally Cost?

The day has finally arrived. You’re ready to get your business into the digital age and start using a scanner for all of your documents. What’s important is that you don’t waste time or money on something that doesn’t fit your needs, so what should you be looking for in a high-speed scanner?  Whether you need one with an automatic feeder, duplexing capabilities, large document capacity, or just want to know how much they typically cost, read on to answer these questions and more!

What are the different types of document scanners for businesses?

How do you choose the best document scanner? There are many different options, but I’m going to tell you about two of them. The first is a high-speed office model that can scan large volumes quickly and easily–perfect for offices that need lots of scanning done at one time. On the other hand, there’s also a simpler desktop option that doesn’t have such an enormous footprint on your desk space. What matters most in choosing between these models is how fast they’re capable of scans per minute (higher numbers means faster), as well as what kind of media it accepts (i.e., paper size). For example, some scanners allow up to 18″ x 14″, while others only take 11″.

The last consideration is price. Here’s what you need to know about cost vs. price when it comes to high-speed document scanner options: High-Speed Scanners range between $500-$1000, Medium-Range Scapers come in around $200 -$400, and Low-End units costing below $100 or so are usually more basic models with low capacity. These prices are average, and individual prices will vary depending on the features you want. Production scanners used in big companies cost around $5000 – $100,000. Huge right?

So what affects the cost of all these scanners? What drives it up or keeps it down?

  • Speed affects cost.

Yes, it’s not the brand, yet. First, we look at speed. There are a number of factors that go into the cost of document scanners. The speed at which they can scan pages is one such factor, with faster speeds typically costing higher prices. For example, some high-speed models can scan up to 300 pages per minute in each direction on an A4 page. This allows you to copy two-sided originals and save time as well!


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  • Scanning Resolution

Most scanning projects and applications do not require more than a 600 dpi optical resolution. But the higher native resolutions can capture minute details, which is why they come with a high price tag.

  • Specialized Softwares

Document scanners come with a variety of pricing options based on the software attached to them. You can find some apps for free, or others that will cost big money depending on your needs and what features are important to you in a document scanner application. Be sure before purchasing any type of scanner that you know exactly which one best suits your specific needs so as not to overpay for something useless like an app if all you need is just scanning documents using basic functions such as cropping pages down into PDFs and adjusting brightness levels.

  • The Brand

Just like buying smartphones or any other electronic equipment, certain brands of document scanners cost more than other brands. 

The cost of scanners can vary greatly depending on the speed, resolution, and software it is compatible with. If you’re interested in learning more about how much a scanner might cost for your needs, contact our team today! We’ll be glad to share some insights into what drives up or keeps down the price range for high-speed scanners like yours.

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