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Which High-speed Scanners Are Common In Large Business?

If you’re starting a business and have high-volume scanning needs, then this is for you. Check out some of the best scanners on the market that are common in large businesses so you can make an informed decision when purchasing a scanner.

Scanning documents for your business has never been easier with the production scanner. Who needs a copier when you have this high-tech gadget? The need to scan large stacks of paper is becoming more and more common, but now there are solutions that make scanning quick work! Companies don’t want their employees wasting time during office hours on tedious tasks like document scanning so it pays dividends in efficiency as well as money saved from not paying those extra wages by using an efficient high-volume scanner

In recent years, professionals may have forgotten about the importance of having a separate productivity scanner at hand instead of relying exclusively on their copy or printer’s built-in functionality. In many places around the country companies simply can’t afford to have employees standing in line for high-volume scanning and copying.

High-volume scanners are the norm in large businesses, but that doesn’t mean they’re not great for smaller ones too! The use of high-speed production scanners is a cost-effective way to get your paperwork done quickly when you need it most. No more waiting around for employees to bring stacks of high-volume scanning requests, the production scanners can do it all.

So, what kind of high-speed scanner is best for your needs? That depends on how much work you need to get done in a day and which features are most important to you. The following are some of the bests in the market today!

Kodak ZY1534 i4850 Scanner

The Kodak i4850 scanner has no compromises. Extremely heavy-duty, the unit delivers a scanning speed of 150 ppm & 300 ipm and is, therefore, the fastest document scanner to date. The wide range of supported formats also makes it an excellent choice for tough office environments – this thing can handle paper from 2.5 x 2x inch up to 12 x 17 inches in size!

The feeder inside takes 500 sheets at one time as well so there’s never any need for reloading or stopping mid-job due to lack of space again either – that’s not all though; with a daily duty cycle capability between 100k and 250K pages per day, you’ll be able to scan literally tons.

Panasonic KV-S8127

You may not believe it, but this one machine can handle up to 100.000 pages in a single day! It does so thanks to its 120-page per minute speed and the fact that it has an ADF capacity of 750 A4 sheets.

Used Copy Machines

Canon DR-G1100

The DR-G1100 Series scanners are capable of handling a wide variety of document sizes, from business cards up to 11 x 17 inches. Even if the documents contain an extended length or width, it will not be an issue because they can handle 118.1 inches with Long Document Mode! Flexible paper feed and output guides further enhance their ability for reliable feeding all types of these varied forms. Its ADF Capacity is 500 sheets with speeds of 100 ppm/200 ipm.

Fujitsu FI-7800

This one is a pretty advanced unit that delivers good speed, great scan quality, especially when dealing with text. The PaperStream technology ensures high image quality along with efficiency; an Automatic Profile Selection feature sets appropriate settings for each document automatically without the need to manually sort through them all first! For those who are particular about their scans looking absolutely pristine before printing or emailing out – you get Advanced Cleanup Technology as well.

Advanced Cleanup Technology offers high character recognition accuracy and can output scans at resolutions of up to 1,200 dpi. This makes it a great choice for scanning large documents or books! What’s impressive though is the 100,000-page daily duty cycle that allows you to scan as many pages in one day without worrying about replacing your scanner.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to get your paperwork done quickly when you need it most, then using high-speed production scanners is the answer. No more waiting around for employees to bring stacks of high-volume scanning requests; these machines can do it all. So, what kind of scanner should you choose? That depends on how much work needs to be scanned in one day and which features are most important to you. Contact us today if this sounds like something that would benefit your business! Our team will make sure that the right machine with the best price point is chosen just for you.

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