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Is A Laser Printer Worth It For Your Business?

One of the most expensive investments you can make for your business is buying a laser printer. If you’re not sure if it’s worth it or not, this article will help break down the benefits and drawbacks to see if investing in one is right for your business.

What Is A Laser Printer?

Laser printers produce laser beams to spinning light-sensitive instruments on the sheet, causing them to flash. This generates a charge that corresponds to the parts of your image that are black, white, or colored. A laser beam etches a pattern onto a photoreceptor which is tagged with toner and when this paper goes through it gets transmitted via electricity in case there’s an opposite polarity for any given part of your picture where you have printed something dark (black), bright(white), or color.

  • Excellent for printing papers with black text.
  • Printing at high speeds
  • Toner expenses are low

Although the initial cost of a toner cartridge is higher, it may be cheaper in the long run because more pages can be printed.

What Makes A Laser Printer Better Option For Businesses?

Laser printers are designed to be high-volume devices due to their fast and efficient printing speed, as well as the extended life of their toner. This is advantageous for a company that has to print large amounts of papers in a short time period because laser printers can do it quickly and efficiently with less labor cost than other types. 

However, this benefit comes at a price when you consider how much each cartridge costs per page which varies by model depending on the manufacturer. So make sure you buy one whose overall lifetime cost fits your business needs or look online for a better deal if possible.

  • Laser Printers are designed to be high-volume devices
  • Laser Printers can do it quickly and efficiently with less labor cost than other types
  • Be aware of how much each cartridge costs per page
Used Copy Machines

Although laser printers are known for being fast, even the simplest black-and-white models can print at speeds above 70 pages per minute. In fact, some of the more complex color versions have rates up to 100 ppm! A laser printer is the best choice if you need to print a large number of pages in just minutes. A laser printer may be a better choice for your firm if you value productivity.

  • Print large volumes of paper quickly
  • Laser printers are more productive, save time and energy
  • Most reliable printing device for offices
  • The best office investment

Consider Print Quality With High-Speed Printing

How do you like your prints? If you care more about quality than volume, then laser printers are the way to go. They produce clear texts faster and at a lower cost compared to inkjet machines which might not be ideal for printing small text documents. Of course, high-end inkjet devices can equal lasers in clarity but they will still struggle with producing enough printouts.

Inkjets may come out on top of the photo quality is what matters most since these types of printers are able to create detailed images that look natural across different paper types or even textures as opposed to just plain white sheets used by many other printers including their cheaper counterparts.

  • Get more professional looking prints without the worry of blurred or faded text
  • Spend less time and money on ink when your laser printer is performing just as well, if not better than an inkjet machine 
  • Prints come out faster with laser printers so you can get back to work sooner

In the conclusion of this article, we’ve broken down some of the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing a laser printer. Hopefully, by now you have enough information to decide if it is worth investing in one for your business. If you are still unsure or want more advice on how buying a laser printer will benefit your company specifically, feel free to call us anytime! 

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