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What Are The Alternatives For A Laser Printer For Your Business?

Is your company looking for a more cost-effective solution to printing? Have you considered an alternative printer? Laser printers are great for high quality, but the toner cartridges can be expensive not to mention hazardous to health, and the environment. If you’re looking for a more economical option, then there are many alternatives out there.

A printer can have a tremendous influence on an office’s environmental footprint. Despite advancements in online document sharing and storage, the average workplace still prints 10,000 sheets of paper per employee each year which is enough to cover a tall tree. However, printing only affects one small aspect of our environment as it requires so many other resources such as water required for making the paper or chemicals necessary to prepare it before being sent through printers, etc., all need energy that contributes towards pollution too!

  • Alternative printers waste less paper and ink, saving you money 
  • Alternative printers reduce carbon footprint by switching to a more eco-friendly printer 
  • Save time on printing, scanning, or laminating documents with an all-in-one eco-friendly printer 

A laser cartridge also consumes roughly 1 gallon of fuel, and the inks used include hazardous chemical solvents. The majority of these cartridges wind up in landfills: each year, the United States discards hundreds of millions of laser cartridges and nearly 2 billion ink cartridges. All this adds up to a massive environmental disaster that has been slow to solve for printing industry giants like HP who are now investing in new “greener” technologies that use fewer materials but still produce high-quality prints on demand.”

Here are some alternatives to laser printers:

The Epson All-In-One EcoTank

Epson’s inkjet printers are a more eco-friendly alternative to laser printers. Not only do they use up to 85% less energy but the printer itself is also cheaper than most other models on the market, with similar printing speeds. Compared to typical laser printers, Epson’s line of office machines has businesses covered in all ways!

Used Copy Machines

Brother InkVestment Tank

Brother printers are all designed to help you save money and the environment. Eco Mode saves energy, Toner Save technology helps cut printing costs by preventing wasted ink from clogging your printer head, while their zero waste policy means they’ll recycle old cartridges for free.

HP Smart Tank

This printer is refillable. Print cartridge refills for your HP printer are much more convenient with the Smart Tank. You don’t have to worry about being caught off guard by unexpected ink shortages, and you also save money on plastic items since you rely on bigger bottles of ink instead of replacing cartridges completely every time they run out. All this adds up to less waste than traditional refill kits because there are no leftover kit parts or empty print cartridges that need recycling after each refill is done!

If you’re looking for a more economical option, then there are many alternatives out there. Laser printers may be great at producing high-quality prints but they also take up space and use costly toner cartridges that can harm the environment and even your health. Thankfully, there is an alternative to laser printing without sacrificing quality or cost-efficiency. Call us today to know more!

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