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What Are The Main Disadvantages Of A Laser Printer For Your Office?

Laser printers are a great option for printing. They’re faster, more cost-effective, and environmentally friendly than inkjet printers. However, they still have some disadvantages that you may want to know about before buying one for your office. Here’s what you need to consider: 

Price Point

Laser printers are beneficial with few downsides. One downside is the price point: they’re considerably more than an inkjet printer of similar quality, and even higher-end laser printers have restricted functionality compared to copiers/fax machines typically included in color lasers. A middle-of-the-road black & white laser costs about as much as top-end colored inkjets; however, it has fewer functions but will print faster and use less toner over its lifetime.

Cost Of Printing

Laser printers are extremely expensive to maintain. While it’s true that the price of laser printers has come down a lot, they still use cartridges that cost several times more than inkjet printer toner cartridges and last much less if you’re using them every day without printing in black & white or color mode only when necessary.

If you print hundreds of pages every day, then the cost of toner will add up very quickly and a laser printer might be worth your while. However, if you don’t need to regularly produce several hundred sheets at once, an inkjet should suit all but the most demanding needs without breaking the bank or putting unnecessary wear on its cartridge.

Choice of Media

Laser printers are known for their great print quality but they can be troublesome to use with specialty materials like special papers and sheets. In order to avoid damaging your printer, you should only use specially developed laser paper because of the complex journey that standard copy paper takes inside a laser printer and high-temperature fuser rollers.

Used Copy Machines

Printing in Color

Color laser printers are not great at printing color images. They do produce standard corporate colors well, but inkjet or solid ink printers tend to be better for photos and other documents that require careful management of tone and color. Laser users who need a black-and-white printer may find it easier than those looking for something like an all-in-one since there is less competition in the market from suppliers compared with photo-focused devices such as sublimation photo frames.

Even When Turned Off, Laser Printers Require A Lot Of Energy

Laser printers use a lot of energy, even when turned off. This is because the fuser element in the printer becomes heated and releases heat. The room might get very hot at some point! Laser printers aren’t recommended for humid or hot environments, but newer models have an option called power saver to help save energy.

Humans Are At Risk From The Toners Used By Laser Printers

Laser printers use toner, which contains hazardous particles that can be easily breathed in. When you print with a laser printer, toner particles are breathed into the lungs and contribute to respiratory illness. In addition, ozone layer depletion occurs due high voltage necessary for this process.

Laser Printers Are Usually Bulky

In comparison to an inkjet printer, laser printers are often significantly heavier and larger. They are bigger because they contain an image drum and other delicate components. As a result, their portability is limited.

We think it’s important to share some of the pros and cons of laser printing technology. After all, not every solution is a fit for every business model or customer type! If you are considering this as your go-to printer but want more information about its tradeoffs, then call us today!

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