Are Used Copiers Any Good for a Business?

When it comes to office equipment, most businesses think that buying new is always the best option. But what if you could buy high-quality used copiers instead and save a lot of money in the process? Contrary to popular belief, used copiers can be just as good as new ones – sometimes even better! So if you’re in the market for a new copier, don’t rule out used options just yet. Keep reading to learn more about why used copiers might be a good choice for your business.

It Offers The Same Features As A New Copier At A Lower Price

Many business owners wonder whether used copying machine equipment will be just as efficient as their current, new equipment. If you want to find used copier dealers, keep in mind that their products must meet certain requirements for them to be considered “used.” 

In other words, any used copy machine should still work and offer services similar to those of the original. When buying used machines from a reputable dealer, they may even come with a warranty. A used copier is used by a business for its day-to-day activities, so it already comes with all the features necessary to meet that need.

Used office equipment offers the same benefits as new, but the price is significantly lower. The used machine has been well taken care of and should offer similar quality output for hundreds less than its newer counterpart. Many dealers even provide service contracts if you prefer to have extra protection on your purchase.

If you’re considering buying used office copiers, you’ll be happy to find out that they have many common features including:

  • used copiers can have the same resolution as new machines
  • used machines provide a number of different features that used copiers for sale regularly include
  • used machines come with warranties if they’re from a reliable used office machine dealer.

It Promotes Greater Sustainability

Used copiers used for business do not require factory resources to produce, which means used copiers used for business promote greater global sustainability. Also, used copier machines are usually refurbished and remanufactured, which can extend the life of used equipment.

Buying used copiers has also been shown to save as much as 50 percent of purchasing costs over new equipment. In addition to significant cost savings, used copier machine owners may be able to reduce their carbon footprint by as much as $136 million each year from using recycled machines instead of new ones.

Furthermore, a study conducted at UC Berkeley found that small environmental changes-like buying a used printer or fax machine- can have a significant impact on our environment. If used copier buyers alone were to purchase used instead of new machines, we could save as much as 2 million tons of greenhouse gas emission-the equivalent to removing 446,000 cars from the road!

So don’t let used office equipment dealers tell you that used is never better for your business. When buying used copiers from a reputable dealer, it’s easy to get just as many benefits from used office machines as you would from buying new ones. That means used office equipment can help increase workplace efficiency while saving your company money at the same time.

Used Copy Machines

It Is Cost-Effective

It is no secret that used printers are usually not as expensive as brand new ones. Businesses first think of buying used models for cost-cutting purposes. With almost 20% of small businesses failing within five years, it always seems like the economy is to blame. 

However, even if the economy is deteriorating, businesses must still invest in good equipment to survive competition; otherwise, they will fall behind their competitors who invest in top-notch office products and use them efficiently.

Copier companies sell used machines because many people like getting great deals on high-quality products without having to pay full price at retailers like Office Depot or Staples. 

Used copiers’ main objective is not only to save money for businesses with tight budgets but also to provide high-quality functionality that will surely produce prints just like brand new printers would. It is up to you if you want used copiers for cost-cutting purposes or buy used copiers to focus on productivity rather than spending too much.

If you’re looking for a reliable copier that saves your business money, then used ones might be the perfect fit. They offer the same features as new models while also promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness! To learn more about how these machines can help your office’s efficiency, call us today. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions or set up an in-person demo so you can see firsthand some of these copiers’ key benefits.

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